I am scared what my dad would think

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    My brother is going into the hospital because of his depression and my dad is there complaining about how he has to watch my brothers son all day tomorrow because of it. I am scared if my dad learned about my self harm, depression, and 3 suicide attempts he would view me as a huge disappointment and be frustrated with me as well. When he found out about what my brother deals with my dad distanced himself. It's why i try to deal with everything in secret and not have anyone know about it except for my therapist, and my dad doesn't even know I see a therapist.

    If my dad knew who I really was and what I deal with I would be such a huge disappointment to him. he would stop loving me.
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    If someone would stop loving you because you were in pain, then I wonder if s/he is capable of true love...is there anyone else besides your father who you can talk to so that you can get the help you need? And please keep posting here...many people here can relate to what you have said
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    Your dad should be more understanding and sympathetic to what you and your brother are going through. Lots of people can't understand depression or suicidal thoughts or any of that unless they have dealt with it themselves. I know how hard it is to be rejected or shut out by people, especially those who should care the most. But I hope that the therapy sessions and posting here are helping you.