I Am Seeing Something That Is Not There; and It's Not Nice Either, Whatever It Is

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    I drew the picture myself to best illustrate what it is that I am seeing; the link is above. When I wake up, I see this thing (I saw it this morning, and a few consecutive mornings before as well). I say thing, because upon further reflection it does not exactly resemble a human being.

    It's over 6 feet tall, so quite tall, and stands beside my dresser in my room. Whenever I wake up, I see this thing...and get freaked out. It's usually dark in my room.

    I always prop a desk against my door at night, so that I can hear the door bang against it if someone tries to get in. The desk stays put; so whatever I am seeing is clearly not real.

    It hovers over me from beside my bed. I get scared thinking it's going to smother me, or hurt me...

    This is the only thing I can see till my eyes adjust; and no there is nothing else there which could 'appear' to be the shape of this thing. It has a weird 3 pointy type head, and arms that are not really arms but are more like stretched out darkness. All of the figure is dark. There is no distinct face, no distinct arms; like humans have.

    But once I have seen what appeared to be eye like regions; only that was vague as well, nothing distinct...just a color difference in that region of the face.

    It's just a huge figure, where the head is smaller and some arm like limbs stretch out...and the rest of the body drapes down, like a cape.

    Not sure how else to describe it. But it's disturbing, and has happened more than once, twice even... that I awake and see this beside me. It's happened, probably many many times now that I think about it, but sometimes it's further away in the room...

    And in those moments I somehow manage to get out of bed and stumble through the darkness putting my arms out; as if to determine when I am near it (fearing that my hands will hit something solid to prove it really does exist)...but I walk through, and go to the light switch and turn on the lights.

    This is not a dream. I know that...I am awake when I see it... I don't really have anyone I can tell this to. I really miss my friend right now; I really wish he could come and make me comfortable...take away my fears; especially in moments like this.

    I am not sure if anyone has ever read up on Djinn, or Jinn; but I think it may be that; I thought today after seeing it for a long time, that it appears more like one of the Djinn than anything else I can compare it to. That, or my mind is fabricating something to appear this way; and I am just trying to convince myself of something here, no idea to make myself feel better.

    It's not working. :(
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    I just read the wiki on Djinn and now I'm curious; what about the thing you've seen indicates to you that it may be that?

    That said, let's bring out occam's razor and start with the simplest explanations before we go looking at the supernatural:

    1. Is this the only strange unreal thing you see? Do you hear any voices or odd sounds that other people don't seem to hear?

    2. Have you seen this thing at any other time of day or circumstance aside from immediately after waking up?

    3. If the lights are already on in the room (or the sun is already up so the room is bright) when you wake up, does the thing still appear? If not, would you consider putting a nightlight in your room to test this?

    4. Do you know if you have a history of sleep walking?
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    The shape of it, and the fact that it's appeared more than once. Upon reading more, some texts suggest that Djinn can be bird, dog, or snake shaped. This thing, kind of resembles a bird. They are also very big; tall.

    Though they come in different shapes and sizes, it was well over 6 feet. Lastly, supposedly every human has one of them assigned to them.

    It could just be a figment of my imagination as well; in which case I am very good at scaring myself then!

    No, I don't really hear things. Sometimes, like a long while ago; I would hear talking or a whisper and wake up to that...but that could be something else too in my head or a dream. When that happened I got freaked out too...

    No. Djinn are not supposed to be seen by humans, so I guess that's another reason why I think it may be one; as they are not exactly visible to the human eye. That, or I am now officially insane.

    Sometimes (most of the time) I leave my laptop on, and it has lights on it that illuminate the room better. It happens then; but it's more frequent during the times that I turn off the computer (putting it into hibernation mode).

    I slept with the light on last night. I was doing that everyday, actually. But my family complained about it. Whining about the power bill; as they assume that by keeping the light on, it adds a significant increase to the power bill.

    However I see them leaving lights on all over the place; and I just have that on at night; so what difference does it make night or day anyway when I have it on.../end rant.

    In any case, because they whined I tried again to turn the light off; and started keeping my computer on, because that acts as a night light...but it turns off now, so to preserve it longer I sometimes let it hibernate when I am sleeping.

    Sleeping with the light on, before going to sleep; There was some red stuff in the corners of my room specifically across from me on the right and left (over by my mirrored closet); and rainbow things. When I say things, I could best describe it as (me going insane! LOL?) a burst of color, ribbon or fabric like that appeared floating and then disappeared. I really think I am losing my marbles. It scared me too. :(

    So it took me a long time to go to bed....I was really tired, but posted here with this; and then was in chat for a bit even after I had left the forum I came back. So that thing too kept me up, and made it hard to sleep. :(

    I am scared to go to sleep :(

    No. I also put a desk against the door... So...no. It's safe to say, that if I get up; I am aware of it. I have met others, who when tired will do or say things, or will get up; and don't recall it in the morning.

    But I am not one of those people. Things are vivid to me.

    There was a time when I was able to finally stop propping the desk against the door. I tried to make myself become "normal"; to sleep at least without anything slammed against the door. During that period I was fine; but I think one of these things caused me to start propping it against the door again.

    I feel like a weirdo, and am definitely paranoid. I cannot take a shower without thoroughly locking the bathroom door first, and checking 2-3 times to ensure that the door is in fact locked. I also cannot take a shower without looking out the curtain 10 or more times to ensure that no one is in fact outside of the shower (checking to see if someone has come into the bathroom).

    My family doesn't do that. I think in general; people don't do that. They sleep with their bedroom door open, and I can't even sleep without something propped against my door. I am not sure if I'll ever really be able to finally sleep with the door open. This is bothersome, because what if I am ever with a guy in real life...what is he going to think?

    Though my paranoia is not exactly obvious to people around me. My family knows I put stuff against the door; but they have no idea why. And the shower thing, well no one knows that.
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    I had a similar thing happen to me.. I would wake up and there would be a guy in a long trench coat and an outback hat.. He would be smiling at me, so I would close my eyes and when I opened them he was still there grinning at me.. It would make me jump out of bed.. Then he would just be gone..I also see shadows of things moveing.. My pdoc says I am borderline skyzo..I'm on meds for it now so I haven't seen it anymore.. Some scarrey shit.. When I am home alone for the night I have a hard time sleeping..Then I remind myself that I have a dog and he would pick up on someone being in the house..
  5. Mrow

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    I have a dog too; but he sleeps upstairs with another family member. :( What if someone says I am borderline skyzo too? That's scary and hurtful sounding to be diagnosed that way...I think a lot of people hear that word "schizophrenic" and think all kinds of untrue things instantly. :(
  6. Mr Stewart

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    hey there. I think you may want to consider talking to a psychiatrist about this. I know it's scary to do but there are medications effective in helping with these things. You don't have to keep living in fear.

    Right now I have an idea for you that could help as a coping mechanism: Keep a flashlight right next to your bed. If you wake up and start seeing something, grab the flashlight and shine it at whatever you see. Also, get a lamp to put next to your bed as well so if you need to turn on some lights quickly, you don't have to get up out of bed to do it.

    Take care, okay? You can beat this. :hug:
  7. Mrow

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    Yeah I've already been considering that actually; it's just complicated to go and talk to my psychiatrist because I blew off the last appointment; and stopped going to therapy.

    Maybe they won't take me back for that. I don't know.

    I feel so alone in this :(
  8. icequeen

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    hey mrow...i had halluncinations as a result of meds...and that is some scary crap to deal with, so i can relate a bit.

    please talk to your doc about this as if you dont, it will just increase your anxiety over this illusion, its not unusual to see things and it can be treated, altho my visions were caused by meds i was scared too so i dont envy you. i can only keep saying, see a doc and explain exactly what you see, when you see it, if anything triggers it, you dont have to suffer. if you are on meds, it may simply be the meds like me...it could be anxiety or a number of things but dont worry about the diagnosis, deal with the symptoms first. :hug: for tonight
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    I don't know for sure but maybe you are experiencing sleep paralysis. I've had it a few times where I will wake up and I will see a figure and have this feeling of dread like it is going to come after me and I try to scream and move to run away but I can't then it is almost like I wake up again and I can move and the figure is gone. I know you said you got up but maybe there are different variations on it.
  10. sunshinesblack

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    hey Mrow
    interesting drawing
    am surprised to see you so scared+paranoid
    dont know what you r seeing but i would not be to mystical about it
    Guess its hard cause you r also susceptible to fear?

    I also used to see stuff before i totally wake up, i think im awake but my mind is not totally awake, like cracks in paint r huge and i used to see geometrical shapes that i knew could just not be there, yet all the eye closing and opening would not make them go away , they would only go away after quite a while
    First times i was scared, but that i just got used their there in the morning and eventually they went away, though am pretty sure things that changes in my life made them go away.
    Maybe its the same in your case, sleep disturbances take many forms.
    You may think you r awake but its only half true.
    Also we think only activities can get us tired but we can also get emotionally tired and it does not make for pleasant results

    Some say its sleep paralysis but i think most accurate term is sleep disorder as in your sleep process is mangled, paralysis may not occur

    Heres a painting by goya of a full sleep paralisis with hallucinations http://www.terrorsofmen.com/136/sleep-paralysis-night-demons

    By the way u drawn it its made of light, maybe you have some light source that makes a shape your mind is using to create the djin
    That being said it does not mean its not reflecting what you r living. Or that your mind is telling you you need to solve a life problem

    But why do you feel you have to barricade the door? If your djin can get in anyway? Who r you baricading it from?
    Do you live in a big house? (can imagine those getting scary if you feel lonely and insecure)

    maybe try buying a "sun jar", there r cheap ones on ebay, they gather energy from sun in the daytime and light for a few hours in the night so you can go to sleep, though by the amount of paranoia i can imagine even that truing into a djin if you dont like it... though it gives off a nice warm light

    Maybe it would be a good idea to see a psychiatrist, if you dont want any psychotics which is understandable ask him at least to give you something against anxiety, doc cant diagnose you for more than what you declare, say only what you want treated
    On another note maybe getting treated might help you. If there really is a issues its batter treated sooner than later when you cant manage it anymore and get the label anyway, batter get it while you can still fake it and treat yourself

    Anyway i feel sad you r asking for your account to be closed before i even got to know u
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    I see a shadow person,they live (lol,omg) in the communal stairwell of my building.I have seen them a few times over the last decade,though at times I did get them mixed up with a weird neighbour who used to hang around outside people doors,you know the type,soft shoes soled and keen ears.
    I do not find this entity threatening,in fact most of the odd occurences in life produce an over stimulation of the electrical impulses in our bodies or produce a sonic intake that can produce feeling of nausea or outright dread.this has nothing to do with the reality of the situation or the entity but can be compared to the kind of fear that can arise from testing new abilities,as in childhood when a baby will become unsure at being left to walk on it's own for the first time.
    If an alien or a monster or anything strange is acting threatening they are most probably fronting but you do get some dickwads added into the mix,sadly that's inevitable,not much you can do about that.But this shadow you talk of,i would like to come and investigate it,maybe have a chat if i could,have you ever considered you are blocking it's way,that this thing might be crapping its pants,thinking "ooh heck,i got one of those mad fucks blocking my way.what do i do,what do i do...okay,the advice is to not break eye contact and whatever you do,don't move...aaargh,help me mummy!" .You will find this is what most of the entities are thinking when they fuck up and get caught up in our space.i once witnessed what could be described as a very large demon run in fright at the sight of a ***** popping some bubble gum.You have to realise how odd some of the things we do are.I would say the main reason people get stared at in beds is because it looks to those who have never seen a bed before like some weird kind of device.if you nod off through hanging upside down from your ankles or curling up into a ball then seeing a human lying seemingly uncomfortably flat on a fetish rack,covered in synthetic materials with their head resting on a puffball,well wouldn't you stand and stare?I know I would.
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