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i am shy


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im shy with guys. i am 17 and have never been on a date.
the guy i like recently was asked if he'd date me he said he would
so what happens now do i ask him out?
do i wait to see if he asks me out?
do i do nothing?
oh dear i worry far too much about ever little thing :/
help would be highly appriciated


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To be honest I'm no expert, but I'm a guy so if a female asked me out I'd feel good about that, think if you really like him you should give it a try. Yeah, it's not easy courage wise, especially the first time but knowing that he'll probably say yes then go for it, perhaps if you have some friends if they could give you advice or help out. Plus you're only 17, that's not old for not having gone on a date, read thru some of the threads here and you'll find many much older than you still struggle with dating worse than you are now. Good luck, go for it and be great if it works out.:yay:
just try asking him if he wants to hang out or something. in a casual way. which could probably eventually lead to the thought of the both of you dating.

i'll be 19 in two months. and i'm telling you i have not much experience with guys either.


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ask him out.
but somewhere casual like a party or a festival with rides and games.
its too much pressure going to movies or dinner and you wont be able to be yourself.
dont wait too long, go get em!
good luck

total eclipse

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this day of age i would ask him out just for a coffee something light at first so you can get a conversation going get to know each other a bit hugs to you


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I'm shy too. I've always had major self-esteem issues because I'm overweight. I never dated much in high school or college. I tried asking a guy out once and it didn't go well at all, I felt like an idiot so I never did it again. I didn't even kiss a guy until I was 25 years old. I had sex for the first time when I was 26. It was with the man who is now my husband. We got married at 28 and 39.



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turns out he only said yes cos he didnt want to hurt me. he told me this the day after i was all over him at a party. i will never drink again and i definitely never trust any guy again :/
I'm sorry that he hurt you this way. Somebody will definitely be the right person for you Ellen. We're all made for each other just in different ways. I hope you get some trust back soon. It's also important to let people know how you feel so vent if you have to. I wish I had this forum when I was a teenager and maybe I wouldn't have bottled things up and made life harder for myself than it really needs to be. It is tough but we can make it easier on ourselves. Keep your chin up!

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