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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by myselfandi, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. myselfandi

    myselfandi New Member

    I viewed some of these threads on this forum and replied to one but not to any more due to the fact I am in the same boat. I feel if I say anything it would be harmful to them or may look as such so I don't say anything.

    I am sick and tired of me having to give and please every one and no one ever giving back to me or trying to please me. I do something nice for some one and they say they are grateful but the min i do something wrong i get a talking to and how I keep doing that thing.

    i'm tired of being broke, poor, on the edge of losing my home, back pain and other damn issues. I'm sick of not being able to commit suicide due to the fact it hurts and nothing is fast enough AND the fact I don't know where i will go after.

    people say get help but what is help? will they give me a job so i can fix the rut i am in? will they give me money to help? will they fix my back? NO they wont they can't help they just talk. i want some one to do something extremely great for me but that will never come ONLY I will do something great for some one else with nothing in return. Yes it is true no good deed goes unpunished I am proof of that.

    ending it all may not be an option but not ending it all is not an option either. I am stuck with no light at the end of the tunnel. Oh I thought there was light but it was only a flashlight with a body of some one who gave up finding the light long ago.
  2. Hoth

    Hoth Active Member

    I can't say I understand you but I don't usually reply to any threads on here because I can't relate. I don't think I am able to relate with anyone on here. I have a different perspective so if I say how I feel I would offend people on here severely. The fact that I'm replying to you speak a lot more about you than me.

    I don't understand your situation because I never been in it and I can't say what I would do if I was in your situation because it against this site rule. What I do understand is how people keep telling you to get help, when in reality it not easy and most of the time not possible. I agree that all they do is talk but no one ever does the walk.

    I like to share my experience with you if you let me and hopefully let you feel better that your not alone out in this world. People on chat keep telling me that If I want to improve I need to help myself. I call that bullshit, people who are in dire situation need help from other. Everyone expect me to be superman, and while everyone else have family members, friends, and other people who care for them and help them with rehabs, etc... I'm left with "do it yourself" suggestion. I been by myself all my life and I'm sick of it. I have to work hundred of times harder than everyone else and even then I'm left with nothing but the world on my shoulder.

    The truth is you shouldn't have to look out for yourself. Someone should help you and if your like me and have no friends in this world thanks to your social anxiety and various social disorders, well all I can say is it make no difference. I'm abandoned since the start of life so I have no reason to be alive, and I hope that is not the case for you.

    I hope you do get help from someone special, and get your life back on track.
  3. myselfandi

    myselfandi New Member

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  4. Hoth

    Hoth Active Member

    No you can't is what I'm trying to tell you. Sorry for the bad news.
  5. midnightstar

    midnightstar Senior Member

    You can't talk methods or anything like that but you can ask members how they are and talk about what's upsetting them :hug:
  6. Hoth

    Hoth Active Member

    She didn't talk about method at all.
  7. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    May I remind you to read the rules of this site. This is not a playground, this is a place for people to get peer support for their issues in day to day life. These are the conditions you signed up to when you made your account, so any pro-sui or inappropriate posts will be deleted. If support is what the OP is looking for then lets help them instead of complaining about the site rules which you agreed too.

    Now, back to the OP.

    I know many of your problems are situational, but seeing a doctor and talking about your problems and how you are feeling may help you to get a clearer perspective of what's going on and how you can find solutions to your situation. sometimes when we are depressed we can only see a gloomy outcome, so you may need some meds temporary to lift that cloud and fog so you can begin to see thing differently that you may not have considered before. Also wanted to say, that depression and poor mental health can make our physical conditions worse, especially where pain is concerned. Hope you begin to feel better soon, big hugs to you :hug:
  8. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    lilodan, why do you say that?
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