I am sick of life!!!!!!!!!

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    Why does everything go wrong for me? I get bullied and called names. I suffer with epilespy and I just want to die!!!!!!! There is no point in living anymore because all I am going to do is have fit after fit. I know I am on tablets and should be thankful but I don't feel thankful because I know that even though I am on tablets I am going to continue to have fits probably for the rest of my life. I just want to die. People have told me to grow up so that is proof that no one likes me. The people at my counselling place said they do like me and would like to hang around with me but it is probably a lie. No one could possibly like me. I wish I was dead. I hate my life. When ever I try to end it, it all fails. I had to go to the doctors about my wrists because I cut them. The doctor was nice about it. Not yelling at me but I still cried. The doctor was probably only pretending to care. I bet really she thought I was a waste of space. If it isn't true then why does all this happen and why do I think this way? I suffer with depression but the doctor has taken me of the antidepressants all thanks to epilespy. I know I need them as they were helping but it counterfits with my epilespy tablets. God I hate life!!! I feel like < Mod Edit -Methods > ... I suppose that makes me more pathetic. You probably are thinking I am pathetic too but I have to get this out... Sorry!:sad::sad::sad::mad::mad:
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    im sorry you feel this way :sad:
    i was in a dark place a few months ago, i never went out, couldnt sleep and my OCD was as bad as it could ever be
    i didnt want to live, i thought their was no point
    but recently things have started to get better, ive got help and my life is actually going somewhere, i thought their was no hope but their was
    i dont think your pathetic and im sure others dont
    hope you are ok :smile:
    if you need to talk just PM me
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    Do you not see how fickle and inconsistent your definition of proof is? People telling you to grow up is not proof that they don't like you. It probably means they want to you to feel better abut yourself but don't know a really supportive way of saying it. A lot of people don't know how to give emotional support and they can come across as rude and inconsiderate when they don't mean to be. But even when people are nice to you you see them as having sinister feelings beneath it.

    You are also using totally backwards logic. 'Why do I think this way, if it is true?'... How about asking yourself: do I only perceive this to be true, BECAUSE I think this way?

    I think you are dealing with a difficult problem in the best way you know how. I'm sorry you are epileptic. But having that medical condition does not mean there is anything wrong with you as a person. I like you and hope you find some peace with this condition.
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