i am slowly going crazy

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    i dont know what to do anymore. im severly depressed all the time with suicide on my mind. im in love with my friend who doesnt know and im afraid that if i tell her she will leave me as a friend and i cant afford that. cause she doesnt darte friends. so im SOL. im borderline insane. and i cant take this anymore, please someone take me out of my fucking misory please.

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    If you can't tell her how you feel, maybe seek out a 3rd friend (who is a friend of both you and her) who you can confide in and trust. The 3rd friend can talk with her privately and bring you up in conversation. They may be able to find out if she feels the same way about you, without revealing your feelings towards her. Then it would be a lot easier to express your feelings, if you know she would probably react positively.

    If that's not an option, you'll have to take the risk yourself, or just continue to hide your feelings and hope something happens on its own.

    You don't have to be so open and blunt about this, you could just show affection half-jokingly, so it could be played off as humor if she's not interested in that kind of relationship. Just ease into it, I'm sure you'll think of the right way to communicate since you know her well.

    A lot of these feelings seem like too much right now, but when you're older it's likely you'll be able to look back on these moments and smile. Believe me, whatever you choose to do is alright, you're young and have a full life ahead of you where anything can happen.

    As for the depression, you could try seeing a psychiatrist to test out an anti-depressant. Maybe it will help your mood, maybe not, but it's worth a shot and is at least something positive to look forward to.

    Also try doing something you enjoy for awhile to take your mind off these emotions. Maybe hang out with some friends or find some form of escape to cool you off for the weekend.

    Good luck with your situation, let us know how it turns out.
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    i already know she isnt in to me, and pills and psychiatrist dont work ive tried.im SOl.