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I am so alone


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No he just can't stand me anymore. Talks about referring me to a PhD psychopharmacologist which means a baby Dr. who wrote a thesis on genomics or something and will fiddle with geriatric brain even more than usual. I have my own PhD and I am mighty skeptical. It doesn't matter any more, nut thanks for your concern.


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Hi Markah and Kolisar -
I don't think I saw your messages before, I haven't been checking, so thanks. My shrink is sick of me but will keep seeing me very infrequently for meds if I try not to complain. He thinks I just need better pills - in other words, he thinks there is nothing I can do to change the fact that I am very alone. I think he may be right but it kills me to give up any hope at all.


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It is extremely difficult to be so alone. No one can begin to ever understand if they haven't been there. Most ppl have family around them etc. I understand. I hope that u can find a real and true friend who will be there for u. One who u do not have to pretend that everything is just "peachy and fine." I have often wished that there was a place for us lonely to somehow find each other. There isn't much even on the internet. It seems like to me that it would be great if in cities there was meetups so we could try and find friendships with others who understand. Internet communication is not enough at all of course.

Wishing the very best for u Ivy and I hope someone who is a good person and a real true friend comes into your life.

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