i am so alone

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by plshelpme, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. plshelpme

    plshelpme Well-Known Member

    the worst part about my day is the feeling of being completely alone...

    so many people in this world, and there is nobody...

    i even more alone in a room full of people...

    think if i had a boyfriend, this would go away? probably not, right?

    i'm losing my best friend. she is why i have yet to kill myself. what do i do without her?

    it's okay though...it will all be okay, right?

    merry christmas/happy hannukah to everyone who celebrates it. merry winter to everyone else (i don't celebrate these holidays). hope you all have families that you can spend time with, and hope your families don't drive you crazy!!! take care...
  2. armsopenwide

    armsopenwide Active Member

    yeah but chill now you never been in a room full of people with one of them being me, just like that if your real and genuine your not alone any more, money, looks. crap, lies etc wont buy or twist me, to many bonkers as hell, not many people come back from where i have been so many times, i aint a big head, im not bragging, and like i have tried to post before but think it as been took the wrong way, some stronger than others, some are weak than others, those who kick them ones are weaker than what you think you are, ive got no what they go so much on but written qualifications in mh, but read my post ive just done and i am only here not like that i mean on line cuz just read ur post, even the people who have the done cruelest of things to me, if they still come and asked me to help i would, yeah they can and always do kick me down again but i dont care, i can get back up again, dnt attack my emotions and not in a banter way, even when you at your lowest, it is not a false hope either but yes listen to what i say turn bad into funny, voices into company, so one of ya probs over you not lonely no more, so whats the next one, not saying take my advice but listen if it dont get deleted on what im saying, try it, may work, i know it does work,
  3. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    :console: why are you losing your best friend? And, I agree, we need to be happy with ourselves first, no one nor nothing can do that for us.
  4. plshelpme

    plshelpme Well-Known Member

    i'm losing my best friend. i don't entirely understand why. but i am...and it doesn't have to go this way. she has a new boyfriend - actually her first real one. things have changed SIGNIFICANTLY since then, and they didn't have to, which is why it sucks. i feel replaced. :-( none of it is entirely intentional. i'm not happy with the way things are going. i almost don't seem to care most of the time. i am lucky i have to new friends from med school - they're amazing kids...it is making this whole thing a hell of a lot easier...

    it will be okay eventually. i hope. i hope you all are doing okay.
  5. vir

    vir Well-Known Member

    yeah, that'll happen. depression sucks, it makes you want to be alone and hate being alone at the same time. which is hard for other people to understand.

    I'm a pretty big fan of dopamine myself.
  6. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    I hope you feel better soon. :hug:
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