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    so the backstory: i am the good one and my sister is the bad one. she crashed my mom's car (my sister has her own car, too) last weekend. i took it to the insurance adjuster then to the repair shop, basically my saturday. it was a $500 deductable and $200 in tickets because my sister caused the accident. the week before that she took my grandma's credit card and spent $500 on it and my grandma didn't want my sister to pay her back. this is a 93 yo woman with a fixed income, $500 is a lot of money. my mom made my grandma take the money.

    yesterday: my sister called me because she was at a gas station and she had blown a tire on her own car. the repair man had put on the donut and it cost $10 and my sister did not have any money. so i had to pay over the phone with my credit card. because of my sister's past issues with credit cards (she also charged $3000 on my mom's card and hid the bill for 2 months), i did not want to give her my cc number, so i asked for the number of the shop and i said i would talk to the man and pay him directly. she gave me one phone number that was wrong, a second number that was wrong, finally the third number worked. the man picked up and gave the phone to my sister. i told her i did not want to talk to her and i wanted to give the number to him directly.

    so when she gets home, she starts saying its okay, i have a warranty on my tires. mom told me not to get it, but i did anyways... then she drives to the tire shop where they tell her the rim is bent and that is why the tire popped, so they will not honor the warranty. also they want $250 to fix the rim and $100 for a new tire. i said to her great, you have wrecked two cars in a week, what an accomplishment. she starts telling me to shut the fuck up etc etc... and my aunt starts yelling at me for being too hard on my sister...:huh:

    today: i am taking care of my grandma. i was helping her down the stairs when these repair men show up at the house and they need to be let in. my sister is 20ft from the door and i tell her to answer it and she bitches at me and of course, her favorite line, "i AM answering the door" and i say then why are the men still standing outside in the rain.....

    later my grandma is cutting chicken with an electric knife and she needs help. i asked her 3 times if she wanted me to do it and she says no you will hurt yourself (fyi i am 22 not 10). so i just say okay. my sister comes upstairs and my grandma asks her to cut the chicken.... this is what really set me off.... she can't drive a car, but she can work an electric knife better than me... my grandma cites her experience working in a deli... so i confront my grandma and i say, i just asked you and you didn't want me to do it and you won't even let me help you get the heavy pans out.

    then my grandma feels sorry for me and says, do you want me to show you how to make pasta? are you feeling left out?.... she totally misses the point.. anyways my sister, the constant brown noser, when i get any attention, ends up making the pasta with my grandma... the woman she stole from and has cursed on many occasions... also she started a facebook group about how grandma busts her smoking sessions..

    i am so angry at her. i can't talk to anyone because i just end up yelling at them. my family is always telling me to be more compassionate. i can't take it any more.
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    Been there!! I'm the oldest of my sisters. No matter what I did, they always came out smelling like roses. It's like families always expect the best of the oldest or the ones that are willing to carry the heavier load. If nothing else look at it from this point of view. You will be a stronger and more indepentant person throughout your life and your sister will spend her life looking to others to bail her out. After a while I dont care who you are, people start saying enough and will stop. Then you will see that although life was a little unfair to you in the beginning, it will push the scales and she will be where you were. Hang in there hun, it will get better!!!