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  1. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Here are my problems,I hope a few people will read them and are polite enough to give me a reply back.
    Btw: I'm a 17 year old male.

    - I am fat. I just hate It,no matter how much I try I always fail when It comes to healthy food such as vegetables and fruits.
    I always eat junk food,unhealthy stuff. It Is like a drug for me. I'm addicted to It even If I know that this Is not good.
    I can't exercise more than 15 minutes because I'm out of breath most of the time and It really annoys me.

    I'm 5'7 (168cm) tall and my weight Is 180 lbs (82 kilo)

    -My nose and my ears are HUGE so they make me look even more "uglier". It depresses me everytime I see my face in the mirror and we don't have much money to change It.

    - I'm confused with my sexuality. Sometimes I feel more sexual tension towards boys and sometimes to girls.

    - I always wanted to study but I am SUCH A HUGE FAIL in mathematics and because of this subject I can't go study. I'll always fail in maths.
    I don't understand SH'T and this Is one of the biggest reason of my suicial thoughts.

    I just can't hold my feelings back anymore.
    I want to cry! Sometimes I have this weird feeling of "killing" myself but I'd be too scared to do It,not because of the fact that I'm dead,no It's more the fear of the pain and If It not works out.

    I should be satisfied with my life,because things could be much worse but fuck that teenager life,to be honest.

    Sincerly Morisha
  2. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Oh not to forget my ass Is deformed as well and my voice Is disgusting as well!!!!!
  3. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    I also never had a love in my life.
    It depresses me so much to see happy people together in a relationship.

    I'm also an outcast when It comes to races. I'm neither white nor black.
  4. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    WHy does no one talk to me ?
  5. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Wow this forum Is so inactive. It should be way more active,especially since It's about people who need help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (I'm not talking about myself,only) A lot of people need someone to talk to but It seems impossible to get an answer back.
  6. snarrylover

    snarrylover Well-Known Member

    Hi there. Please don't bite my head off for what I'm going to say.

    I understand you are struggling with your weight? Only you can do something about that. I know how addicting certain foods can be and how hard it is to stop eating them - ever since I left my job I've been slowly gaining weight, yet I haven't done a single thing about it. Getting out of breath after 15 minutes of exercising is normal if you aren't used to it, but if you stick to it then it will get easier to do more and more. Try doing some in the mornings, then more in the afternoon, and some in the evening. As for the food...only you can change that, and I understand it's something you need motivation for. There are people on here you can offer advice on the issues of over-eating. You have to let your mind win instead of your tastebuds. When you start to feel good about yourself you'll gain more confidence with the way you look.

    Sexuality...well, I'm not sure my advice on that matter is worth anything. I'm attracted to both sexes and when I first noticed that it wasn't something I let myself worry over. My approach was...so what? There's no rush to figure it out, there's no rush to throw a label at it. You'll realise in time. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex.

    As for maths...that's what computers and calulators are for :p There are plently of things you can do without maths. There are many courses in other areas you can study. If maths is something you want to get better in then maybe there's a way to get a tutor or some extra help?

    I'm sorry you had to wait so long for a reply. Whilst this forum is somewhere we come to talk and get advice, you have to remember that the other members are suffering, too. Not everyone is in the right frame of mind to help when we need it as we all have good and bad days.

    Also, I would like to add on to my reply that there is nothing wrong with no having been in love at 17. Just because teenagers around you are dating doesn't mean you have to. I can understand it's something you want but please try not to let it get you down. Maybe take this time to enjoy your life and feel better about yourself, get into shape if that is something you feel holds you back.
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  7. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Thank you so much,this reply made me smile :)

    I'll try to get in shape but right now there's ZERO motivation and just like you said It's not going to work right without motivation but I'll try.
    As for maths,It's not the courses I choose,I'm actually talking about my high-school-degree (which what you will get after 12th grade here were I live) and I passed 10th grade but I cannot pass 11th grade,well because of maths as well. I HAVE to take the math courses till the end of 12th grade here and that's an obligation. If I want It or not and that's what makes me worry. I had tutoring lessons in maths for over 3 years now but It didn't help a lot.

    You're right with what you said about falling in love with someone,or being in love with someone in the age of 17. I'm not going to stress my soul over this but It's really hard and It hurts someone a lot when you see happy couples everywhere lol.

    Anyways thanks again :)
  8. snarrylover

    snarrylover Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it! Sometimes I secretly hope they will split up. That's bad, right? lol

    I'm sorry about the maths issue. I can't really advise you with what to do there except try and try. Things in the UK are different - we have to study maths, english, and science all through highschool but we can't get held back if we fail - though it does effect which colleges we go to if we get below a C. I'm not sure how it works where you are (America?) but it sounds so unfair.

    I hope you're able to find your motivation :) Like I said, it's all in your mind - you have to be tough with yourself when it comes to food and exercise.
  9. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Yeah me too,kind of :D I mean good for them but damn I get jealous very fast LMAO.

    Yeah It'll affect your whole graduation,that's the issue. & I live in Germany.
    But I'm trying to go to some private tuttoring lessons and may I'm going to look up some Internet Pages,and yeah I have to work my ass off!!!

    I know,but It's sooo hard,ughh. I'm the most motivated guy at night but when I have to go through daytime than I'm so unmotivated and I guess that's my problem.
    I get also bored really fast,I guess that's why I eat a lot.
    My goal Is not to have a perfect body,It's actually "just" losing 22lbs (10 kilos).

    But there's still this nose thing which cracks me up everytime. & we aren't rich so I can't really carry that out.

    Thanks for your help,you are so kind :)
  10. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    You sure didn't give anyone a chance to respond - it takes a little time. After a day or two if nobody has responded, then surely get upset... but 30 minutes? I have a suggestion in that you should see a nutritionist. A professional can help you work on your diet and an exercise plan that is custom tailored to your needs.
  11. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    I'm actually used to get fast responses because I'm on an active Britney Spears Forum :O

    I'll definitely look the nutritionist up but don't they cost me some money,tho ?
  12. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I know how that is about eating unhealthy...I always do things that are bad for me and hurt my health and body. But it's best to start off slowly, and I know you can become healthier. Just start off easily, maybe with walking or something...it's not too strenuous and can get you into good shape.

    Everyone has things about their appearance they are unhappy with, I know I have a lot of insecurities, but I think I have a good personality. If people judge you based on shallow reasons, then you need better people in your life. I know it's hard not to be insecure about appearance sometimes, but try and focus on your good points.

    As far as sexuality and relationships, you have lots of time to figure it out. I was confused about everything when I was 17, and probably still am to a degree. But don't worry, you will find the right person when you least expect it.

    As far as math, I don't understand it at all...I kept failing but I was still able to graduate, because I'd probably still be in school if I was required to pass math. So math isn't your strong suit, I'm sure you do well in other subjects. I'm proud of being good at English, spelling, and the arts, and if math isn't something that you would need for a future career, then you won't need it as much. I hope you find things in life that will make you happy, and please keep posting. Sometimes replies take a while, it depends on when you post and how many people are online. But we will always be here to listen :hug:
  13. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Thank you Witty Sarcasm.
    I sure would love to stay and post here,but sometimes It's too much for me to take (emotinally/mentally) what people are posting,since these are real people,talking about their REAL problems.
    Thanks for your advices,you are so kind :)
    I'll start with a dietary change on may 1st. So I'll try not only to eat healthier but also giving up smoking at the same time :D
  14. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    You're welcome, and I know it can sometimes be hard to post here, but whenever you have things to get off your chest, or need help, I hope you will reach out. Good luck in the dieting and to stop smoking, I know it can be hard, but you can do it :D
  15. skinnylove911

    skinnylove911 Well-Known Member

    can you ask your dr about why your not loosing weight and see what he suggests?
  16. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Thanks ya'll.
  17. european boi

    european boi Member

    Morisha since you read my post and answered, i wanted to read your story too and give you my support.

    In my opinion most of your problems can be solved. You CAN lose weight, in my country i watch this program in MTV named "ya no estoy gordo", dont know its name in america, but lots of teenagers lose lots of pounds in just 3 months of summer. So you just need to lose about 20 pounds to be in a good weight...

    About height issue: pretty simple, you can buy "elevator shoes", like hollywood stars do. In this website named donsfootwear or something like that you can see that there are shoes that can add up to 5 inches.

    About having sexual atraction to both girls and boys. I dont think in the XXI century that's a problem. Eventually you will fall in love either with a girl or a boy. And there are millions of bisexual persons around the world.

    About maths: Do your best trying to pass the exams. If maths arent your thing, im sure you can achieve success with careers and jobs that have no relation with mathematics, such as journalism, publicity etc.

    Good luck and be strong
  18. european boi

    european boi Member

    After reading my post i realised i sounded a bit harsh, like if i did simplify your problems or something like that. it wasnt my intention :S

    As you know my problems are similar to yours but for being overweight, im actually pretty skinny, and i tell you that it's also hard to be so skinny, im trying to gain weight in order to feel more handsome and attractive haha.
  19. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Thank you,I reall appreciate your post european boi :)
    Never heard of these so called "elevatoe shoes" lmao but It sounds GREAT!!! :D

    Yeah about the weight issue: I'll start to change my food style in the coming days,we'll see If It works out.

    Thank you again,so much :)
  20. Morisha

    Morisha Active Member

    Oh than you have a funny way ahead :D It's really easy to gain weight in a healthy way.
    You can eat more than usual but don't forget to eat vegetables and fruits.
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