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I am so proud of myself.

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As you may know by my thread, the situation last night got on top of me, and usually, I'd cut under that sort of pressure, but I didn't, I stayed uncutting, and I am so proud of myself.
I haven't been taking my meds - for the pure reason of they make me worse, and the doctor is going to try me on some carmazapine after christmas, he agrees that my medications does sometimes actually worsen cases of BiPolar.
So, all is good in SpikeyLand, X-mas is four days away, and for once, I am looking forward to it.
I have been in a good mood almost continuously for a few weeks now - except for a few blips - but even they are almost unnoticable.
I've got some self-confidence back (cheers everyone on afterdark for saying I'm pretty).
And, to Bunny and Joe........



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I too am happy for you and super excited about your attitude. :thumbup: You have done GOOD by not falling when the pressure is up!! Also kudos to you and doc for not giving up on treatment, it just takes some tweaking at times.

This is a wonderful pressent to give to yourself!! :santa:
Yaaaay on not cutting :hug: I know how hard it can be, well done for resisting the temptation :biggrin:
And do you have a name for your bear yet? I have a bear too, called George :laugh:
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