I am so sick of being like this!!!

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I am so sick of being like this! Of feeling like this! The tablets make me feel dead inside! The Doctor is playing hit and miss with my meds, he has me on two anti depressants, sleeping tablets and now a med that is for epilepsy for my anxiety that has just left me feeling pissed off all the time! The NHS mental health service in this are is crap and they admit it! They don't have the money to offer services! What else is there? I have tried relaxation courses, my psychologist has discharged me because she feels i am too "unstable" for therapy to work at the moment. I have done lots of different councelling and a course of treatment with a psychiatrist. I feel i am running out of options and all i am doing is hating myself more and more!!!

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I know the fight get tiring at times hun but please keep trying okay let the doctors know how these meds are effecting you and perhaps ask to try newer medicaiton out there with less side effects hugs
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