I Am So Tired Of Being Lonely!!!!

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    I am so tired of being lonely and all I want is someone to be with, Someone to share my life with and settle down with. I just can’t seem to get anyone. I live in a small town in Texas and The few women I have seen around in my town have rejected me and shot me down. All other women online through dating sites turn me down, ignore me, reject me or block me.

    I am giving up in thinking there truly is no one out there for me. I am starting to realize I will end up being single and alone for the rest of my life.

    I am tired of it and Also thinking about killing myself because of it, So I do not have to deal with it anymore.

    I am so tired of being alone and lonely, Just wanting someone to come home to, To run to me, hug me kiss me welcome me home and someone to love me and be inlove with and be romantic with. Someone to be inlove with me and want me as well. Someone to settle down with make a family.
    But I am losing hope and giving up on it. I realize it will no longer happen. What is the point in going on when the only thing you want, you can't have???
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    I am sorry you are feeling so alone hun the thing is hun you just cannot know who will turn up in you life. Lots of people meet someone later on if life they do so who is to say you wont
    Just get out and be among people hun join clubs take lessons music etc hun so you can meet different people ok hugs
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    I worked with a guy once who expressed many of the sentiments you have. There really wasn't anything wrong with him, he just came across as so desperate and needy that I felt sucked dry after just a conversation. There was no way I was going to get involved with someone was so focused on his own needs. I am alone, small town, always an outsider, so I have had to make peace with that. And I now realize that I was so needy in the past that I, too, turned people off. What I'm trying to say is that working to make myself whole enabled me to respond to people from a position of centeredness. I didn't have to try to make them like me; and I didn't feel rejected if they didn't. I'm me. If people like me, fine; if they don't, fine. This is a time for you to consider strengthening yourself, facing your loneliness head-on and doing what you need to do to make your life tolerable. If you are doing something that you enjoy, it's likely you'll find people with the same or similar interests. You find people with similar interests, you start making friends, and your life isn't as lonely. It's like a daisy chain of events, but you have to start it.