I am so tired of being sick!

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    This all started back in February. It was just a simple common infection, easily treated, but still a bitch to deal with! Then when that was finally over, I started having nerve problems from my birth control of all things! So I had to quit taking that. Then just as that started to get better (like a month later) I went to the emergency room for the second time in two months because it seemed like my apendix was the problem, but instead it was just an ovarian cyst, which started occuring because I stopped taking the birth control! Yea, its good that it was nothing serious, but for those of you who have never experienced it, ovarian cysts can hurt like hell!!! So now every month it feels like the left side of my abdomen is being ripped open every time I move. So after worrying about all that, the nerve pain came back a little, and then I got migraines for a week straight! I swear I thought I had a brain tumor!!! I finally went to see chiropractor, and he gave me an adjustment, and my headaches got better, luckily because my birthday was then in two days! After a good week or so, I started getting chancer sores all over the inside of my mouth, and had ANOTHER infection! And when I went to the doctor, he informed me that I also had pruritus, (which is a skin problem that can cause itching, burning, sorness, and swelling, its nothing serious, just very very uncomfortable) in almost the worst place possible. So I've been dealing with that since may, and have yet another infection. Trust me being a girl is no picnic (ladies im sure you prolly know what im talking about. hint hint yeast :( ). So now that thats under control, i still have the pruritus going on and now I have stomach flu for some reason! I dont have any idea how i could have gotten it. I ate the same food as everyone else in the house, and yet im the only one who is sick!

    Sorry for such a long post, but its just been a never ending waterfall of emergency rooms and doctors visits and pain! Im just so tired of being in pain!
    And to top it all off, I had to go on leave at work because the heat (its like always 85 degrees in the place where I work, fast food) and how the heat is making the pruritus worse (the doctor said it will never go away working in that type of heat all the time) and am now trying with no luck so far to find a new job before my leave is up. so im still having to go to the doctor, but now im not even making any money. And I cant stop worrying that the doctors are missing something and that i've got some terrible disease or cancer or something!!!

    Am I the only one who has this stuff going on? Well I mean I know Im prolly not, but you know what I mean.
    Any advice or stories to share, or words of comfort or comments or anything would be much appreciated. thanks for reading it all!
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    I too have ovarian cyst and yes they are extremely painful feels like appendix bursting so i know the pain skin sores yes caused by stress look awful little things coming at us add up and sometimes it is the little things that can lay us flat. i hope you start feeling better soon take care
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    Alice, you poor thing. Sounds like its just been one thing after another. I hope you start to get better soon. Being a man ive obviously never had a yeast infection or ovarian cysts. But my longterm gf sure has dealt with both, and trust me, she suffers from nerve pain almost daily from another illness. Her yeast problems took a while... she had to go back twice for it. The cysts eventually shrunk to where she doesn't feel them anymore. Keep your head up, things will turn for the better.
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    It sounds like you are suffering greatly! My heart goes out to you! If I poersonally was suffering from these things I would pray to Yahweh for his help in relieving them, and for understanding as to why they are happening. Then I would read his word [bible], and see what it suggests to do in this situation. Blessings..