I am SOO Sick and Tired Of "LIFE".

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    That is not "all"; but trust me, that IS all!
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    Not sure exactly what you meant, just sending some care in hope you are alright :( :hug:
  3. Samara

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    This part of your quote, alongside another part "hope you are alright", after what I just said clearly showing I am not alright... is EXACTLY why I am so sick and tired of life. People just never get me, DAMMIT!

    I can be so damn clear, and still get told something else, or be shoved in the opposite direction, or whatever else.... that basically makes me out to be speaking some foreign damn language, and doing things that apparently are as understood as ancient hieroglyphics.

    I am so tired of having to clarify every single sentence and word I say... ... But here we go again: "That is not all" in my words above, referred to what I had written, of course not being "all" of the story behind why I feel that way, there is obviously more to the title of the thread, but I wanted to just write "that is all."... but I knew if I wrote that, people would come in and go, oh why... what's wrong...

    So I had to write "that is not all, but that is all"... meaning, it's not all that could be said, or not all that has gone on to lead to this thread, but that it IS all... that I wanted to say....


    How is it care.... if people don't even get me anyway?

    I ESPECIALLY mean this to the people in my real life, and my online "friend".

    I am beyond sick and tired of life, and in fact am really damn suicidal lately.

    But can't tell anyone either.

    :blub: X 1 billion.
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  4. Samara

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    I'm sorry... I am just really damn sour. Honestly.
  5. 41021

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    *puts her hands on your shoulders, and looks into your eyes


    Gawd lady, talk
    start a dump thread
    get it out
    sling a few arrows my way
    whatever it takes
    but don't let it sit in there :sad:

    Don't be alone with this ((hug))

    it deeply saddens me to see you seemingly all tied up inside, although been there myself

    argh this is frustrating, yes? I would ask a couple questions about stressors but i do not know how much you have shared on forum.
    Is this new situation leading you to breaking down, zapping what energy you might have left to fight?

    I am sorry about blind (or perhaps ignorant) people in your life...but you have people here. We are not perfect, and our way of showing care may not always be the best, but you know we do, and i sux at articulating it
    ((((((((((gentle hug)))))))))))))

    Is there anything I can do?
    Are you safe physically?
    Do you want to talk or scream?
    What do you need?

    I'm concerned about you.
    I am concerned too, about the deep sadness, the what appears to be frustration, and the suicidal feelings ((hug))

    *gently wipes tears from your cheek and sits with you

    Come on...
    i am concerned about you
    there is more in there