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  1. anotherearthplease27

    anotherearthplease27 Well-Known Member

    i am broken beyond words. i have looked for support and friendship in all the wrong places. i have lived life like i was dying ...without consequences. i am sorry...i am wrong. i am done.

    please forgive me...and thank you for your support.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Please tell us what is going on...and how are you wrong?
  3. Effect

    Effect Member

    :/ No please don't do it x.x
    I am pretty sure that there's another answer to your pain. Share with us and we'll try to help.
  4. anotherearthplease27

    anotherearthplease27 Well-Known Member

    i am wrong because i keep thinking that there is a place for me in life...somewhere... that maybe someday i will get it right. but i when i am around other people, lately, i just feel like i dont get it...that i will never get it...that i dont belong. i've always felt disconnected but never to this extent...never felt this hopeless. like everyone seems to understand life and living...and i am clueless. what the hell is wrong with me?. i have no one. my family tolerate me because they feel obligated...thats my immediate family....basically i have sabotaged my relationships with extended family. and the one person i spend anytime with is now caught up in his own we dont get ever get together anymore. i understand but i cant help but think...1/2 i not even worth a 1/2hour of time? my birthday is in two days and all i can think about is that i should fix this cosmic wrong. is it even possible to go on when you have nothing.
  5. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    The first step is recognizing, and you've done that. You say you have looked for support and friendship in all the wrong places... so now begin to seek it from the RIGHT places. Also, there is no need to ask to be forgiven from anyone other than yourself. You matter, but you matter first and most to yourself. Your immediate family does care, but it is often hard to show or to perceive that kind of caring because you have been around one another so long and sometimes things are taken for granted or are more difficult to express.

    Other people are fine, but you only owe it to yourself to be strong. You are what matters and once you matter most then others can see the same. Re-Evaluate what you're thinking and what you're feeling and take a few steps back. Rebuild your strength and confidence and start looking for support and friendship from the right places.
  6. anotherearthplease27

    anotherearthplease27 Well-Known Member

    you are right..and wrong..although i appreciate the sentiment. if i want friends and support i do need to look in different places. i guess i ask for forgiveness from others because at this point i am not sure that i can forgive myself anymore. as for my family...not sure if they care...its more just going through the motions for them...i know that they love me....but really not sure if that is enough anymore for either of us.

    i know..i know ..if i become strong and try to be the person i want to be maybe others will respond. maybe even wmy family will be more receptive to me. maybe. i dont know. just very tired and its hard to be strong.

    thank you for the great advice...people are smart in that why everyone seems to be moving there?
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