I am sorry

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    To everyone of of you I have made angry - to each one of you I have annoyed and frustrated. To those of you for whom I did not do enough or have not tried hard enough. I apologise to anyone who has felt the need to tolerate my stupidity and especially to those affected by it. I am sincerely sorry to anyone who has felt obliged to sit through my self absorbed pathetic whining about my self created 'problems'.

    I am sorry for getting it wrong - for talking too often or not enough - caring too much or too little - making you feel bad instead of better. I am sorry for making you cross - driving you away. I am sorry to those of you I made feel undervalued or not good enough - not important or not cared for. I am sorry for taking up your time and your energy - for giving you the wrong impression and making you believe in someone who does not exist. I am sorry for not being enough.
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    As far as I am aware you have not made anyone here feel anything that you have described. There is no need to be sorry if there's nothing to apologise for :hug:
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    :( :hug: we love you here..