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I am suicidal! The exams are too difficult despite having revised for them!

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Every few days on one our lives, the uncaring and proud people might impede us. A shallow stream where I used to fish for knowledge and understanding still looks like muddy water, though it no longer holds many, as it slowly evaporates.

I have got no feelings for this world. The world has no feelings for me. Teachers just pressurize me like a taskmaster, scold me for my academic performance and assign me as an underachiever, a 'berserk' schoolboy.

Why must teachers blame me for getting a B in mathematics? They had purposefully made the questions tricky and difficult! It's not my problem! I have revised thoroughly, painstakingly throughout the day, but those stupid questions made me crazy! I had lost many marks for not completing the maths paper!

Maths, maths, maths. You got matrices, indices, mensuration, graphs. My teachers taught me everything from the textbook and I learn what my teachers highlighted, but still, they somehow became 'evil' during the exams, though I do not know why.

The teachers paddles on without a glance back to betray that it ever existed. Or do they need to believe I'm still there?

Anyone expecting success and achievement will be disappointed but the ending will leave you thinking about the social implications of teachers and the government being unhelpful for a long time.

Please, I need help! I have so many subjects to handle!!!


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I know exactly where you are coming from! Look back at the posts I have made and you see where I am coming from.

I am not sure what advice to give however... because I am constantly triggered by exams.


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you can only do what you can do. B is not a fail and i dont see how your teachers can scold you for that. maybe they are putting too much pressure on you to achieve perfection in an imperfect world. everyone has nerves before an exam is normal...but it seems to me that your teachers have increased this normal anxiety to unacceptable levels so that now you are getting unduly stressed over the thought of further exams and putting unreasonable pressure on yourself and wrongly setting yourself up for failure in the belief that your best is not good enough. forget the teachers. revise as normal, and do your best. no one can ask anymore of you.

it might be worth a visit to your doc to discuss this and maybe they may suggest some anti anxiety meds to help you cope at this stage.

good luck :hugs:


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Teachers always push you a little as often talent at a young age needs more than encouraging. But teachers should also be teaching the kids that we are not A's - that is just not happening. You never hear of a school with 100% passes straight down the line.

Also, I wonder what your teachers were? Straight A's all the down the line? I think not. But try not to be too down on them - and you have the right to tell teacher that they are maybe pushing you a little too much. Not in a rude manner though.

I was a fool at your age - never even took exams. I left with nothing in the way of qualifications, and I can see now why teachers tried to push me a little - because life IS harder when you are not qualified in anything.

For now - try to worry less - chill out a little - listen to your music, watch something funny to take your mind off things. Mind works best when we feel more relaxed, and you simply revise a LOT especially in the days leading up to the exams.

Rather than anxiety meds - try running or exercising - get some fresh air and maybe it blow away a few cobwebs in the mind!

Your B is a great achievement - I'd congratulate ANY kid or young person who done that well - because if you get encouraged then you feel better about your ability.

Some teachers have a LOT of pressure because headmasters have pressure from politicians to make their school a success. Politicians are thick as two short planks so maybe they should stop meddling and allow school pupils to be able to take exams as and when they feel up to it. Having less pressure would be better - and the pressure IS commercial pressure from the government.. A bigger bunch of crooks we could not find!

You are spot on there.

So, for now, just try to take your mind off teachers pressurising you - be proud you got a B in maths as you done well and most adults here would fail so badly, you'd laugh at us!

And we're supposed to be the clever ones!

I'm sure you will do well in your exams - but if you feel real bad, then go to your docs as the poster above advises. Sometimes meds might help IF you really are struggling to just process things. Then again, it IS difficult to process things in maths so maybe if you relax a little - go for a long run or walk, maybe a bike ride or something.

Visit a friend - maybe they feel just as bad as you. I'm sure many in your class feel as bad if not worse! What about the kids not as clever as you? To them, a B would be like a dream come true.

Bear in mind all you can do is your best. If your affected so much by anxiety then you would the option of maybe delaying the exam - taking it at a later date especially if you worry yourself into panic mode!

I think you'll do just fine - you at least WANT to do well and take the exams seriously.

A little worry is only natural. I took some courses which culminated in exams. Before the exam, I paced around, smoking cigarettes, re-thinking all the stuff I had learnt - and almost got to the point were I though I'd fail so badly it would be a record in failures!

In the end I done great.

I took basic maths - never had any exams in that subject and always regretted it. My level is way below your in maths and I'm in my 40s! late 40s! But - I've never been at a loss adding up my wages or working out what I'm owed and what I owe.

What you will find is that people with qualifications in maths will get a better job than someone not so qualified. It opens up a lot of doors - and is a highly regarded subject because it is VERY difficult! So if you struggle, its only natural as you get to grips with understanding all the various rules you need to know right now.

Revise, relax, eat, sleep, revise, relax, eat, sleep.

Talk to your family also - talk to other kids in school and maybe you can revise with someone - that way you help each other a little. That is - IF you can study with others - I'm very picky, many do best alone when revising for exams.

Anyhow, if I can think of anything else or you have more questions then I'm here.

Like I say, the worry is natural - just balance it by getting out for a break every so often - walk round the block, ride the bike or take a dog for a walk.

Lots of people go to university on the strength of a B equivalent in the UK with maths.

You got other subjects that might be your forte - maths just one of those that whilst you do not have a passion for it - you certainly will have more than a basic understanding. Bear in mind there are plenty of skills out there that pay a lot of cash and what you are doing right now is narrowing your academic interests into something which hopefully becomes a passion of yours as well as something that will pay you a nice wage in the years to come.

Remember - relax a little - you can only cram the mind with so much information that can be retrieved at will. you need to take a break now and again.

Do talk to your parents or someone about this. You might be just be under the pressure of things and talking about it might make you realise your actually perfectly sane!

I'm sure you will do great in the years to come - but I want you have some fun also at some point.

My best wishes from England.


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Hi and welcome...so glad you posted...I know how this feels...and the pressure feels unbareable at times...can you make a work list and try to break it down so that things do not seem so overwhelming? And those that 'ride you', are those that failed themselves, otherwise, they would not present it to you in that way...I am so sorry you are going through this...please PM me if you want to rant or just get support...big hugs and with great understanding; welcome again, J
Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts, people!
Peacelovingguy, thank you for your congratulations and best wishes. I agree that schools just want to have a prestigious reputation but sometimes they do affect the students, teachers and its personnel.
Don't worry about it. I failed most of my GCSEs (took it as a joke) but I'm on a course I enjoy now and you can always retake the important ones later in life.


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The stress! There's nothing like it. Math, too, was my problem. I needed 100%s on all the tests. Your mind just goes blank in the critical moment, and there's nothing you can do.
Your teachers ignore you completely and couldn't care less about you? How very liberating!

If you can pass with a B in a situation like that, you are golden!

Since you already know your teachers don't give a crap about you, the wretched nasty leaches, you also know that berating you for getting a passing grade is just their way of sharpening their teeth.

If that's all they got--forget about 'em!
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