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I Am Suicide

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hİ I Am Thinking About Suicide...by Taking Anti*depresans Can U Die::???i Know This Is A Stuiped Question ....living Is Like Suffering....i Have A Problem And Still Trying To Overcome It But It Just Doesnt Go Away!!!!...i Cant Remember Last When I Was Happy ....taking A Lot Of Anti-depresaans Can U Die:::::::::::someone Tell Me!


Sorry, we won't give out methods on how to commit suicide. We're a support forum, pro life.

Whats been going on in your life that has made you feel that suicide is your only option?
This is a pro-life site, you wont find answers to those questions here. Maybe telling us about your problems would help. Why do you feel this bad?

Take care


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nice Question ......firstly I Am 17 Years Old And Going To A Psychologist For 2 Years.....i Cant Make Friends Becouse I Am A Shy Person Very Shy.....i Feel Very Comfortable Only With My Family....this Is A Very Very Painthul Situation..this Isnt A Psychological Problem And Even My Therapist Cant Understand It.......i Want To Be Free....comfortable....and Enjoy Life...i Konow That Life Is A Fun Place....but Mine Isnt!!!!!!...thats Why I Just Want To End It..
It will get better....

Hello Life. Firstly, don't take a load of pills if you don't know what they are going to do to you. You might end up being spoon fed baby food for dinner, you know what I mean? Next, making friends goes like this; just start a conversation with some one as if you were posting on a forum. Just make a point about somthing that isn't likely to cause offense. There's plenty of time for arguing later. In terms of body language, if someone (male or female) is looking in your direction for a while (in a non-threatening way), it probably means they want to get to know you. If someone of the opposite sex is looking at you with a half smile for a bit, it probably means they want some "action". Hope this helps.



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giving advice on talking to people isnt exactly gonna help.. if he/she is been going to a therapist for 2 years i dont think that kind of advice will really help..? O.o anyway.. id think that a doctor could perscribe meds for that O.o annnd trust me death is alot worse then life, life.


Re: It will get better....

It's not that simple Steven...

Plus there are 'friends', people you can rely on and talk to, and there are 'acquaintances', people you speak to about the weather.


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I'm not going to tell you wether antidepressants can kill you, but I am going to tell you that I'm here for you if you need me. Suicide isn't the answer to anything, it will just create more problems for you. Please be safe and know that I am here, just a PM away. Thanks,


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when A Person Wants To Dİe....why Dont They Let Them....İnject A Needale And Boom Your Dead....sufferİng İsnt Good...sorry My English Isnt That Great!!....i Am Just Explaİnİng My Self İn A Sİmple Way.....my Problem Is That I Am A Very Shy Person...and This Makes Me To Have No Friends....i Am Always At Home...bored Of Lİfe.....i Am A Handsome Guy....i Am In A Good Univercity...but The Problem Is I Dont Feel Ok.? Understand Me::....going To Theraphy Taking Antİ-depressans....i Am Just Sick And Tired1!!!...


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life I think it's a noted fact that very few people succeed on overdoseing,sorry I can't give you idea's but I can try and help you as much as I can.I understand how you feel,I thought for a minute whether or not you suffer from social phobia but I'm not a Dr of course.
I dont necessarily think Mushy-pea's idea is a bad one in term's of building your confidence.life depression is so tough and your feeling's of despair are understandable,obviously the feeling's of loneliness can make it worse.If coming on to the net and opening up a little can help you then go ahead.


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Ace is correct...making friends here can allow you the ways and means to get over the shy feeling that is hanging over your head. We ALL have the despression, or have known others with it. Post or come to chat and PM people to talk and learn. I read on many forums to learn of others lives.
What do you study at uni? Do you like sports? Do you read? Please give us a chance, ok?!


The biggest loser ever to live.
I also just wanted to say that I am 19, very shy, have no friends and also only feel comfortable around my family and this also really annoys me, my phsciatrist also can't understand this as well......:sad:


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OK, so what do you do with your time? Do you never talk to anyone at all? What exactly is so anoying about it? HELP me understand pls! I was very shy when I started college, then I got a creepy roomate that called me a "shy mouse"...hurt my feelings tremoundously. But, gradually I did open up and find my voice. If you cannot voice up, it may be a trust issue. are you scared of something? You talk to professionals in the health field, but not in social setting, right? My anxiety can flare up and it can get very rough. I am not belittling your plight at all!
Thanks for sharing.


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I DONT KNOW IF U GUYS NO ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY....BUT WE HAVE unconscious.....that ıs when we experıence somethıng ın our chıldhood!!!....and probably that ıs the problem.....ı have no psychologıcal problem says my psychologıst!!!!.....ıts not socıal phobıa!!!!....ı am very very shy ın a socıal sıtuatıon....cant look ın the people ın the eyes....cant open up my voıce!!!!..........and now ı am 17 years old!!!wow people my age go to dısco....have gırl frıends boy frıends...but me???ı am always at home...tryıng to fıgure out how am ı goıng to overcome thıs stuıped thıng!!!.......and tıme ıs passıng....ı am gettıng worse and worse!!!!tryed NLP HYPNOSIS!!!DIDNT WORK!!!.........I AM TIRED OF IT...PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK ME ARE U HAPPY?BECOUSE I DONT LOOK IT.....AND THANK U SO MUCH THAT U TOLD ME I CANT SUCCED OVERDOSE!!!!1...........But ı am goıng to try ıt ı can even tek 500 pıls at the same tıme!!ı dont care!!!LIFE LIFE LIFE........Everyone tryes to understand me ...but no one does...only me!


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Abacus21 said:
Maybe you can make people on this site your friends :)

We'll always listen to you and try to support you the best we can :)

Take care


very good advice this, the only real form of social interaction i have is online these days...that or my mother calling me(and that can have me running for these boardsfaster than anything)...it isnt abodormal to put a buffer betqween you and the out side world...i do it even in the real world, if you saw me walking down the street you would never suspect i was a suicidal/homicidal maniac...a scary guy maybe but not depressed, people use maskes to hide from the world in small and larg ways...there is nothing wrong with making friends online, hell you can even finde romance if you look hard enuf, known several people that have done this...i hope you can feel better knowing you arnt alone at the very lest...


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life I understand what it's like to be 17 year's of age and not have much confidence even to say none at all.I understand also what it's like that other's are going out and you hearing about them doing thing's and you're stuck at home.Try thing's like smiling to people and say how are you going?I know it may be hard but give it a try,also you're 17 mate I was a bit like that at your age to and in time down the year's i improved alot with my confidence.
I've still had my problem's with Depression as I'm Bi Polar and suffer from severe Ocd and Bdd,but I think in the confidence area at least I improved a fair bit.


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YES u cant ımagıne ...ıts really hard....and ı have a model ın my head...the person that ı want to be....ı always day dream about ıt....but the person that ı want to be and me now are completely dıfferent!!!!!.........ı am goıng to a psychologıst and ıts helpıng me a lıttle bıt.....some tımes ı really get depressed and say to my self why am ı lıvıng ?ı am lıvıng a lıfe whıch ı dont want to....


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turn into that person one step at a time.. you cant change everything in one day, but you can change one part in one week
yes I agree, after all we are all human.
I Remember the time when I was in kindergarten and I was really scared of the year sixes. Well I've been a year six and I don't want the kindergartens to be scared of me.
It's ok to talk to people.
Everyone makes mistakes
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