I am tired mentaly, and physicaly

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    I have just dealt with the passing of my mom. buried her last week. I have so many regretts, so many anger feelings toward myself, all those emotions. I had no idea she was dying, she didnt tell me, I just saw her when it was too late for anything to be done. I feel numb, then I break out in tears, then I want to cut, scream, yell,I even wanted to jump infront of a train. I feel isolated. I try to tell my family whats going on, but they insist I need meds. or the hospital, I am mentaly falling apart and physicaly getting sick , my nerves are a wreck still cant sleep. afraid
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    Firstly, you did your best...if you would have known the severity of the situation, it sounds like you would have done things differently...I hope you can forgive yourself for that...grieving the loss of a loved ones, especially one's mother, is truly a state of chaos, and dire sadness...there are many providers who can assist you in going through that process...your family recommending meds/hospital indicates that they are concerned but feel ill equipped to handle the situation (they are probably going through their own stuff as well)...please think about talking to someone...I am so sorry for your loss
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    thank you for your kindness, and for your response. it means alot.