I am tired of being afraid

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    I am tired of being afraid. Afraid that I will never find another job. Afraid that I will lose everything I have worked for. Afraid that I deserve to lose everything I worked for. Afraid something else will break. Like my tooth. Like my garage door. Like my computer which is misbehaving. And I need it desperately for my job search.

    I live alone. Don't have much of a support group. Most of the people I know are in need and seek support rather than provide it. I have to keep my mind occupied. When I don't, that is when the thoughts turn to suicide and the relief it would bring. Yet I know death will come soon enough on its own accord and I should not rush it. So far I remain here, and keep up with the struggle. But if one more thing goes wrong......

    Thanks for reading.
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    Hi Silly Bear. You not alone as we all together on this forum supporting each other. You are a decent person who cares for others here. Please take care and continue providing support everyone. You can survive as we all do and don't worry if you do something goes wrong. Take care.