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I am tired of living this life!

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I am still young but I feel useless and worthless.
It seems that no matter what I do it's never enough or good enough.
I am not alone but I feel lonely all the time, misunderstood and unlikeable .
It feels like no one cares about me, no friends no family near no one who wants to hear me or cares how I feel am I hungry or else.
No job, no skills nothing and no one can make me stay alive anymore.
I feel weak to fight in this hard world.
I don't want to deal with problems and difficulties any more.
I wish I was never born or to be dead soon.

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Hun i care okay depression is hitting you hard hun You need to talk to your doctor okay get something to help you decrease that sadness you hold. You are see through the eyes of depression now so everything seems so dark. In time hun with therapy and meds you will feel better and move on with living okay keep posting hun we do care here and we see you hugs
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