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    Well I cannot find the right word for what I am tired of.... something a bit lighter than persecution.. maybe discrimination... anyway here is what happened.* On another forum someone asked the question "Why don't people on this forum date each other".* So I listed off my two reasons.* The first reason of course being Geology.* I live in an area where there is no one near by.* Simple enough to understand.* The second reason was because none of the women on the forum could keep up with my libido.

    Maybe it was my phrasing.* However, on forums for depressed people, such as this one and that one.* I generally only meet one kind of woman, the kind that worships the idea of true love.* You know the generic disney interpretation of love.* Maybe a kiss here and there, but for the most part it is purly innocent.* I will admit that my observation could have been worded differently.* However, why bother masking what I truly mean with nicer words?* I spoke my mind.* I have yet to meet a woman on that forum that actually enjoys and wants to have sex.

    Of course, they all want the full commitment.* You know, they want to be first in your life.* They want you to consult them on every decision.* They want you to remember each date and gift them properly on each date.* However, they believe the only thing that they need to give in return is the same.* Yes they might put out from time to time to say that they did put out.* However, in the end sex will be used as a weapon to ensure the guy falls into line.

    So of course for being so blunt I am attacked.* Not only am I attacked I am attacked with vauge statements.* I will take some of the blame because any woman can say "I like sex".* Which is what several of them did.* Toss up a little fog to make me look stupid.* I will say I made a few statements, as I was posting via my phone.* So I did not support all of my statements.* So now I am waiting to their replies.

    I guess my point is that I am tired of always being the bad guy.* Yes I enjoy sex, whether it be a man or a woman.* If you are actually open about your desire to have sex, you are labeled as garbage.* I am tired of this I really am.* You would think with everything that went on in the 60s and 70s.* People would be more open, but they are not.* IT makes me sick because I offer up a different view and I am treated like garbage.* To be honest, it is women like them that makes me relegate women, in my personal universe, to sex toys.* Really when I look at things, if I could figure out a way to not be horny I would take that route.* That way I could laugh at all their lonely asses because they have nothing to offer me.* The worst part is that these same women want a man who does not need them.

    It really pisses me off.* All these women will talk about how they want a man who loves them and needs them.* Yet it is a turn off for a man to be so needy.* They all want self-actualized guys who could careless about whether or not that girl is in their life.* However, when he stops paying attention to her.* She will be the first to scream "bastard".* Women are such hypocrites most of the time. So many will twist the world to make the man into the bad guy.

    Maybe that is why I am no longer trying to be the good guy.* Hopefully once I am done learning how to seduce women.* I will get bored of it and stop.* Then I will live my life alone.* Because that is the way it should be.* I can go out and find a mate when I am horny.* However, I am sure I will be able to get over that as the years go on.*** Yes I want to be the bad guy.* I want to be the guy who makes that girl fall in love with me.* Then turns around and tell her "I don't really care that you exist" or better yet have her catch me cheating on her.* Then tell her that I was just in it for the sex.* Granted it is a fine line to walk actually lying and just playing a part.

    Anyway sorry for wasting forum space with my misogynist ranting.* I am just so pissed off and I have so few places to go where I can just truly yell... I am sure that one day this forum will be a place I can no longer come.... maybe it is time to start writing my notes again and give up on existing.* I wonder how much a paper cutter costs.... If I survive hey at least I will be rid of all the things that cause my various desires.* Just sitting in my garage is starting to look really good right now.... maybe watching some funny anime and eating will cheer me up.
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    ehe i like ur post ^_^, lol, tho im not sure if it's best for me to comment, since im a girl and u look a lil pissed at my 'kind'. i kno it's sort of pointless to say this, but not all women are the same. im not saying im the 'good girl', but tht there r all kinds of women out there. yes, some of them r very manipulative, and not just towards men rly, but there are also women who r kind and caring, and not selfish about love.i believe when a girl truly loves a guy, she will care about herself a lot less than about the guy.
    as for the being blunt about sexuality, a lot of ppl r shy and think it is a very private matter. i personally think ur just open and comfortable talking about it then that's all, but if ur too open, there will definetly be negative feedback from some, just dont take tht to heart.
    also, i don't think it's worth wrecking urself over 'women who are in the wrong'. when someone hurts u, u dont hav to continue being with them [well if ur married then it's more complicated], there's always someone better out there, even tho she might be hard to find. tho btw, there's no such thing as a perfect girl, tho im sure ur aware of tht.
    i hope this helped u a little at least, and i hope u wont hurt urself for the sake of these women u hate. u cud come yell at me if u want lol xD, tho i bet im pretty far away from u.
    one more thing: i looove anime *-*. if ur gonna post a reply, tell me which ones u like ^_^
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    I pretty much agree with what you're saying some women want a guy to treat them like a queen and be her everything yet their not willing to be the guy's everything, because if he wants that then he's the needy desperate type or whatever. It is quite strange and fairly hypocritical.... It's like when a guy shows lot's of interest or whatever it's often because he really likes her but many women just get less interested and judge them as being needy. Guys do the same thing though although I probably did the same thing at least once about 4 years ago..

    I can also relate about the sex drive thing. Sorry just because a guy likes and enjoys sex doesn't mean that's all he's after, although to lot's of women to them it seems like thats may be all that your after. Many women are quick to jump on a guy that enjoys sex and label him that he's all about sex or that's his only interest is in using her for his pleasure or whatever. Aggressive judgments and labels make people feel better about themselves.

    It's like I've heard some guys rant about some women how they spend all week making themselves look hot tanning salons, getting their nails and hair done, they do their makeup all sexy and go out with friends or whatever and any guy that hits on them they just reject and tell their friends "those pigs only want sex" without even giving the guy a chance :(
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    i think u guys might be slightly labeling all the female gender by ur experiences with them so far. im not gonna say tht they're all innocent, but still. and btw most women dress up more provocative than they're actually aware, some just go with the flow of what's currently popular. i was once told by my best friend that my shirt was too revealing, which i honestly myself didnt notice. as for the 'needy' thing, i personally like being needed rly, i feel he cares then too somehow. and i wudnt rly label a guy a sex maniac just cuz he wants to do it often, tht's just silly rly. when u love someone, it's obvious u'd want to do it with them. same for both men and women i belive. and if a guy implied with either words or actions that he doesn't need me, ofcuz i'd be hurt. maybe trying to imagine urself in the female part's position wud help u understand it more, idk. we're rly not tht different regarding relationships from u guys.
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    Everybody wants something from someone. Life is hard. People want to get payed for what they do, or appreciated, or loved, or thanked, or whatever. Random sh** happens. Earthquakes, hurricanes, hackers, injuries, accidents, etc. People get pushed to their limits and lose patience. Some walk on clouds then the next moment they're crawling in mud. Some are so high up you only ever see them on tv. Some are so low you don't even want to see them. It's hard to know what love is anymore. Or hate. When I was young, it seemed so simple. But I kind of outgrew that. But I don't think I grew up to be something I'm happy about.

    Right now I'm reading Asimov. Have Analog. I love those. There're a few things in this world that make everything else melt away. I get so sick of everything. Just tired of hearing about it. The world sucks. I know. Every waking moment I see something that sucks. I'm reminded of it too much, though. It's drilled into me... But that was an interesting story I just read. I look forward to reading more of them. Short stories are easy to read. Advice: don't examine writers too closely. They're humans too. They have their understanding of humans and the world and it has its flaws. If you read too closely it'll ruin the story. Some people are just very uptight too.

    Hey, I got to thinking so much about the stories, that I forgot why I posted here. Woah...
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    I understand what you're saying, and I appreciate you contributing with your insight. To be fair I wasn't labeling the whole gender I said "some women" in about every paragraph or sentence. I have my flaws too, I'm not a saint or perfect. All I can do is be the best person I can be, by being better then the person I used to be.

    Like my point about some women who make themselves look as attractive as possible and then don't give guys a chance or time of day their actually labeling the men. I'm not sure if it's because they've been hurt in the past so it's a way to protect themselves or they want to feel better about themselves like men never have noble intentions with them or whatever possibly even a combo of the two. The reality is they could be very easily missing out on a great guy who would treat her like a queen by not giving him a chance.

    I feel that I have a very good imagination when it comes to putting myself in another shoe's, imagination of others gives you the ability to empathize and understand without experiencing what they have been through in their life. At the same time one's imagination can be used for evil purposes it can be used to manipulate and control in that sense it's morally neutral.

    Here's a joke for you guys.

    I spent my whole life looking for the perfect woman and when I found her I realized she was looking for the perfect man. I know most people don't want to settle yet at the same time if you are too picky and want someone perfect you very well could be missing out on some potentially great partners.

    As one user said in chat, if you want to be successful pick a partner that no one else wants, or pick a job that no one else wants. This reminded me of the saying my mom told me a few weeks ago "If you wanna be a happy man for the rest of your life take an ugly girl and make her your wife". The saying is a bit rude calling someone ugly however a strong point is made someone who may not be as attractive or desired is generally more appreciative of some things many individuals may take for granted. They're more down to earth and don't have an ego that's up in the sky, our ego is our false self.
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    @truthhurts: I can agree, some people view it as a private matter. The problem is that so many men and women make it a private thing even in their lives.

    Don't worry I am not looking at that thread any more. So I am not mad anymore. There is no reason to waste energy on people who get in my way.

    @LightInTheDarkestNight: I hate those kinds of women too. They turn themselves into the Alpha female every man wants. Then they just reject all of us. Even worse are the ones who give up on dating because then never give the guy a chance.