I am unloveable

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    I guess I reach a point in my life where I just know that I am unlovable, and though I won't give up, like I said before my chance with a girl is so slim. I know this is pathetic but this was what I been doing for this whole week. I don't even sleep at night now as I spent from 12am to 7am being pathetic and crying and stuff. I go crazy, sometime banging my head against the wall, or I just lied flat down until I can't feel any air into my lung before I rise up, sort of like suffocating myself. And sleeping on my bed is too wet, I need to wash my pillow and comforter there just way too much tear on it, but most of the time I just sit in one corner put on my hood even if it 95 degree in my room and suffering in silence.

    Aren't those video simply beautiful?

    here my pic:
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    may i ask why you think it's so hard for you to get someone?