I am weak and alone :(

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  1. morning rush

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    I am a weak person. Even though I know I should turn that person down, the one I've been talking about lately, there's part of me that doesn't want to do it. I'm alone and weak. I should kick myself in the butt and just stop talking to him, but then I'm alone and I don't know if I'll find someone else. I'm getting old now...

    am I the only one who thinks about this? do you keep people who are clearly not good for you but you don't want to be alone so you endure the abuse?

    I know I need to say goodbye...I will, but it's hard and I'm afraid of getting weak and changing my mind...man I'm pathetic...
  2. total eclipse

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    Hun i understand any attention even if it is bad is hard to give up i am sorry this guy is harming you so In time you will get stronger you will not put up with his bs. You are not pathetic hun you just want to have a friend hugs
  3. flowers

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    when people are treated badly early on, it creates all kinds of stuff. First, there can be a higher tolderence for inappropriate behaviors. Second, they can sort of feel that they will not get better. So they are willing to settle. If you feel things like this, it honestly is not your fault. I personally do not even try to find a man anymore. Because I only had abusers and jerks. Thats all I thought I was worth. I hope you will find someone who is worth your wonderful self. Because you honestly are a good person. Lots of good men would be lucky to know you. :hug:
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    ^^ agreed.
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    Yup, I used to do that all the time, but then I realized I deserve better, and so do you. I'm not gonna be treated like a garbage dump where people can do and say whatever they want to me. You are not weak for being alone; you are strong for taking a stand against those who treat you like dirt. It's not easy being on your own, but sometimes it's better than having toxic people in your life, or those who will just find ways to bring you down more.