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  1. Conviction86

    Conviction86 New Member

    I cant do anything right. I live in Korea as an English teacher and have lost a job I really enjoyes and now I hate the new job. My one and only co workee scolds me for every single thibg I do and doesnt seem to care for me as a person. Although I apologize for my mistakes my screw ups continue so she doesnt believe amy apologies I make. I know she is going to let me go.... its just a matter of time. I have a girlfriend and In afraid to tell her this. I also dont want to tell my friends here in Korea. I just cant do anything right. Im a failure as a teacher and as a human being and this co worker of mine ia making me feel even more that way. I just want to take a knife and put it right through my ththroat.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    How awful to have someone breathing down your back that way....that anxiety creates even more mistakes...whatever will happen, you will get through it...maybe you can see if you can get a job like the one you had, or do something else which might be more enjoyable...if not, realize that sometimes we work to pay the bills
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    Hi Conviction,
    Are you able to tell your co-worker how she/he is making you feel. Write a letter if you're not able to discuss. You are not useless. Teachers are always learning and gaining new experiences, don't be so hard on yourself.
    Do the pupils have behavioural issues? Is that distressing you. It is hard managing a whole class, try and develop your positive thinking. You can achieve, try and keep the class occupied and remove troublemakers if need be for a short time.
    Set yourself tasks you want to achieve, do your best that is all you can do.
    Try and move to a different school more receptive to helping you progress in your teaching career, if things do not improve. With more experience your confidence will improve.
    Take care and good luck.
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