I attempted early January

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by MikhailOfGilead, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. MikhailOfGilead

    MikhailOfGilead New Member

    I told my family, and of course they freaked out at first. They got me to go to an in patient mental hospital. But they pretty much pretend it didn't happen, I still have free access to things I can use to harm myself.

    Things have gotten better but not enough for me to be happy. I feel, even more so now that theres a wall between me and all the "normal" people. I constantly hear people making fun of people who are depressed and who try to kill themselves, and I just don't know what the point of being around people like that is.

    If there is decent people that aren't like that I've yet to meet them in this town.The only friends I can get are douchebags and the only girls I can get just want sex. I don't feel suicidal anymore though an occasional thought will slip into my head, but I don't feel anything is worthwhile anymore.
  2. demonhunter999

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    tbh i have never had anyone make fun of me about suicide, quite the opposite, they either ignore or they are sympathetic. but yeah there is a wall. personally, i don't mourn for relationships with these norms, and that removes a lot of problems.
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