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I attempted

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I tried to kill myself december 1st by strangling myself but my grandmother found me before I passed away... I was uncontious and about a minute away from being dead. My neck got all messed up and blood vessil's popped in my eyes. I looked awful but i went to the hospital and got help I got out on december 14th... I still feel depressed though...:sad: Anyone else every feel like that?
I am very glad you are still here and happy your grandma found you before it was too late. I bet it was hard for her but would have been much harder had you "succeeded." I hope things get better for you and life becomes more tolerable.
I'm glad you're still here also. Are you getting professional help for this? It sucks but sometimes it's the best way to have someone listen to you. Other than here. Anyway. I feel sad too. Angry. Irritable. Just plain horrible. I want to cry all the time and it just sucks. I hope you have a Merry Christmas though despite feeling sad. Know that there's someone thinking of you. Me.


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Welcome kayla. I am glad you are with us. why did you try to strangle yourself. have you tried a counselor or gotten meds for depression?


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You chose a good name, I am glad you are still here. Yes, many of us have felt like that. Tell us what current things are happening to pull you down? Can you talk to your grandmother about your life and/or stresses? Any trusted confidents?
Most importantly, how are you doing now?

I did my first attempt at my father's house while he and step-mom were on a trip. After taking the pills and crying I heard my granny come in to feed the dog. I had to confess what I did to her. I felt sooo horrible to do that to her.
Why? cuz her husband, my grandfather killed himself. I did not want her to go thru the pain twice in one lifetime. She passed about 4 years ago. My father passed last year. My mother passed 7 yrs ago. I miss them all. I wish they would help me now. My last grandmother is 85. After she is gone, my brother and I will be on our own.

We can relate to your pain and feeling alone. Please stay with us. Let us know how we can help support you. :hug:
Thinking of you,
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