I been a bad vegetarian..

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    I haven't touched a piece of meat since Januray 23rd 2009.

    I went out for a jog today, I ended up in the town over and I was thinking that I ran a certain amount of miles and I can have a coffee and just have a nice walk home in the rain. :)

    And I passed a McDonalds and I thought I would go in and buy a coffee from there.

    I miss meat so much, I'm always hungry and I don't feel like I have eaten a good meal since I went vegetarian, I hate the food, its bland and I don't like it, I have force fed myself all this stuff for over one and a half years, the only thing I really love any more is a cheese pizza when I'm not trying to be vegan.
    I crave meat all the time, by now when I see any meat my mouth still waters, I think about the stuff I am missing, I remember printing college and going into the city every morning and eating McMuffins, it drives me insane that I still crave the hell out of meat!

    I bought the damn coffee and "sausage McMuffin" slipped out of my mouth as I ordered it, I sat there drinking the coffee and looking at it, took a small bite and just fucking gobbled it, then went back and ordered 2 double muffins and a McBacon Roll and I just fucking goreged on it, as though I hadn't eaten in days, which is untrue because last night I ate some kind of tomato pasta (bleh) its past breakfast time and I think I'm going to have to go again tomorrow morning to get another McDonalds breakfast because its just sooo fucking good and I HATE VEGETARIAN FOOD!!
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    Actually, it's not meat that gives stuff flavor, as most meat on it's own doesn't have a lot of flavor, unless jazzed up with seasonings, sauces, herbs, etc. I agree that it's not as easy, as it can be harder to find good vegetarian dishes in restaurants and easier options in groceries (depending where you are, I assume - here they have very little options, you more or less have to make a lot from scratch). It is your decision what you want to do, as it is none of my business what you eat, or how you live - it's your own. I have no idea what kind of foods you like... What type of food do you like? Italian, Oriental, Spicy, etc? There are some good recipes, if you look. I have been a vegetarian for over 3 years, and I don't feel like you do. I don't miss meat or feel I am missing something, because I still eat the types of food I like, just without meat. Anyway, if you decide to stay a vegetarian, there are sites with lots of good suggestions and recipes.
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    First up..Being a vegetarian is a personal choice. No one (Except those fanatical Vegan's) will judge you or think any less of you for succumbing to eating meat again (Even if Mc Donald's is Satan in my eyes)

    I've be a vegetarian now for over 20 years. I do not know your reasons for stopping eating meat but mine related to ethical grounds (Use of steroids in meat production, inhumane slaughter practices, factory farming etc) but even now I salivate like Pavlov's dogs when I smell smoked bacon.. If anything would make me break my vow, that would be it..

    The point (If there is one) is that it is your choice...The only person who might think less of you for returning to the carnivorous fold will be yourself, And if you can handle that, then go for it..I certainly won't preach.

    Just as an aside. Vegetarian food can be bland, but only if you resort to those pre-made, pre-packed meat substitutes.. If you put the time & effort into cooking then it can be far more tasty than anything I have bought off the shelf..Just my opinion
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    I don't think you should continue if it's making you miserable.

    That said, I find my meat cravings decrease when I consume more fat. You might try that.
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    I think you have done very well, you obviously like meat and you have lasted a long time with out it, don't be to hard on your self. Just keep trying if thats what you want.
    I would like to be a vegetarian i really think its so cruel what they do to animals, but i love meat. When i do eat meat i do my best to eat "good" meat like where i feel it has been treated with respect like from a local farms or something. I'm not sure on your reasons for being a vegetarian but i find that works for me. I give in to madonalds sometimes though they taste so dam nice.
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    Mwahaha I'm eating meat right now!
  7. aoeu

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    Okay, so, other than that one thing I'm still on the wagon...