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  1. *this may be triggering if you're recovering or clean*
    i been having strong temptations out of no where that make me want to use dope again . i never shot up , and never will but im longing for that wave of relaxation and no worries . i like the vivid things i see when i nod off. i swore i wouldnt do it again . im sixteen .
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    Is there someone you can talk to hun a councellor a teacher someone that will listen and help you to not use It only gets worse hun so try to not use ok
  3. i have been in and out of AA and NA meetings since i was thirteen . it was there that i learned about heroin , most people i met there werent clean and didnt want to help . i try to talk to a consular but they either throw medications at me or they think they found what triggers me to act the way i do , but they're always so wrong :/ i'd rather talk to people who can actually relate
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    I've been thinking about that pretty much every minute of every day lately. Nothing quite compares to an opiate high. Have you tried other NA meetings where people are legitimately trying to recover? I got some bad ones like that in my city too, but I also got some good ones. I know several people who said they would never shoot up before...and they shot up, eventually. Shit's evil.
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