I Blame Myself

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  1. Well I got into this relationship with this guy I REALLY liked in April. The first night we started going out he told me he loved me, and a couple of days before that he told me he loved my smile and laugh and I was beautiful. As our relationship got older, we grew farther apart, and it felt like he was ignoring me. My friends all wanted me to break up with him but the thing is I loved him. "I" broke up with him in early July because his friend had told me that he was just using me, and that he never really liked me or would acknowledge the relationship. I found out after that he was extremely happy when "I" broke up with him, and got over it, while I STILL haven't. I start school soon and he is in at LEAST one of my classes and I have a bad feeling about this. I still do love him and he was the first guy I loved. :(
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    I'm sorry.
    I'm told all the time that the first time is the hardest.
    I was with my guy for almost 8 years before he broke up with me. Apparently- for almost 2 whole years, he'd been trying to get me to break up with him... but since I always wanted to work through things; he ended up having to break up with me without giving me any reason.
    I'm just stupid, I guess. I blame myself, too... but neither of us should be blaming ourselves.

    Guys like them are just heartless jerks.
    Give yourself time. It might take awhile but hopefully you will be able to open up to someone else and be happy again.
  3. Hopefully. It's just I feel horrible inside and I bet if he knew he honestly wouldn't care :/. And I totally agree with you :)