I Call Bullshit! (long read)

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    So, "they" have decided that depression and suicide is now actually real. "They" have decided to take a stand and do something about it. "They" figure by having a text day once or twice a year to talk about it or a few commercials that play only at the same time every year, that "they" are making a huge difference for regular people like me. "They" aren't and I call bullshit!

    Music and movie stars misbehavin' get more attention than 4 soldiers that in about 4 weeks have committed suicide since their return home. Billions of $'s being spent to honour a bunch of over paid spoiled people, for a job well done, with huge galas and awards nights . Hey, these people already got millions to act a part or sing a song. Now let's take more money (don't kid yourself, somewhere along the line, the money used for these awards nights, was once in your pocket), glitz and glam, the after parties and don't forget the gift bags that in themselves are worth about $30,000 and remind us regular people just why we are only regular and these "stars" shine so far above us.

    I don't get it! WE send a text and Bell donates 5cents (they're so generous with YOUR $, you still pay your monthly statement so that they have that 5cents to donate) for every text, proceeds going towards mental health awareness. The people being honoured have more money than us regular people will see in a lifetime and yet, when one of their own commits suicide it is always first said to be undetermined cause of death, then it becomes an accidental overdose or unintentional suicide. It's in the news until somebody does some outrageously stupid thing and everyone forgets about the death by suicide. The people promoting for Bell are all famous for some reason or another. A few of them have even overcome mental health issues. Bully for you! With all the best care and attention $ could buy.

    Yet each and everyone of these people, don't understand, how depressing and how much further down to the bottom of my little pit they push me, when I see them on TV. Do they think in some mind altering way, they are doing their little part in making me feel better about my situation and my problems by taking over the entire 2 channels I get on my TV, with all their glitz and money? For the 3 hours they are on the TV it makes completely oblivious to the real world around me?

    Oh...and who are you wearing tonight? Well, this...just some little number made especially for me by Dior. Nobody cares about the 50cent second hand sweat pants I bought from the local thrift store and makes me feel like such a big failure every time I have to wear them.

    Oh and the gaudy huge diamonds that you're drowning in...who did those? Oh they're just loners for tonight. Nobody cares that I have sold my precious little necklaces that I got as gifts from one or another of my children, to a local swap shop and the broken heart I carry around for having to do it.

    Quick! There's so-and-so and OMG! she's with so-and-so, get a picture of them. Nobody cares that I sit alone in my home day after day wishing anybody would really want to be seen with me.

    Mr. High Horse didn't pay his taxes this year and is getting slapped on the wrist and a fine. Nobody cares that I was in tears trying to explain that I haven't gotten my spousal support in over 2 months so pleeease, don't cut all my services, cuz that's the only money I get to pay my bills, so I can't pay the bills, understand? Too bad, how you get the money to pay your bills doesn't concern us. You have x amount of days then your only connections to the real world will be cut off. You're a nobody so you don't rate. Now if you were famous we'd be happy to wipe your ass with the outstanding statements and flush it all away. BUT!...you're not.

    News Flash - extremely famous young actor wraps himself around a tree in his too fast to be driving car and dies. Pictures at 6pm. Nobody cares that I can't afford to buy gas for my 1993 pick up that sits in my garage, the only means I have to get to the next town big enough to have an actually grocery store that accepts food vouchers.

    And the music award goes to...the artist that managed to get everyone to pay attention to her by sticking out her tongue, rubbing her ass in some guys crotch in a performance watched mostly by young teens and making fun of the rest of the world by riding a wrecking ball in the nude! Nobody notices that my life is a wrecking ball and I sit alone cutting myself up just trying to make sense of any of it.

    So please, all you well-to-dos that keep reminding us regular people that we aren't and never will be close to the cloud you live on, quit trying so hard to help. All you big corporations that trick the public into believing your paying 5cents towards mental health awareness when in reality it is your customers $, give it up already!

    Where exactly does all that money go anyway? Certainly not way down here where I am. I was put on a 2 year waiting list to see a psychologist, with a little brochure and numbers to call if I felt suicidal while I waited on the list. 2 years! I must say though, I did get a call back about 2 1/2 years later to tell me the arrangements were made for me to see a pdoc, and my appointment date.....5 more months! Not once in all that time did I get a call saying hey, we are still looking into things for you or, just calling to see if you're still coping. Sorry, wouldn't want to take up time that you could be using to text about awareness for mental health issues:

    Hey there Bell! Just wanted to text and tell you I know this lady and she's nucking futs! Hee hee she's actually been waiting on a 2 year list for help. Can you believe it, 2 years! Is she crazy or what? She really thinks that your 5 cents is gonna help her...bahaha!

    That money? Go ask the famous people that can afford to pay for the services. THAT'S where the money goes.

    I don't feel important. I don't feel special. I don't feel recognized. I don't feel the need to be alive anymore. So stop the bullshit...the only awareness that is being made is that BELL is graciously trying to help the down and outs. Where the Hell all that help ends up once it leaves Bell and is supposed to be making things better for those suffering with mental health issues and horrible urges to commit suicide ends up...? It ends up like me...it's there, but no one really wants to make the commitment to see what really happened to it. In the end, no one really cares.
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    That was brilliant! You've got a beautiful gift--for the written word.:)
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    Thank you I appreciate the compliment.