I cannot believe him!! i want him out of my life!

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    Ok, so my moms been with my stepdad over a year now. and at first i really liked him. we share the same music and film tastes and he would take me out on regular occasions. and he always tried to cheer me up when i was down.
    i resented him for butting into mine and mums relationship and our life tho. and when he moved from manchester to brisotl to be near us, i found myself hatin him even more.
    mum promised that he woudnt be over all the time now he was in bristol. and to start with that promise was kpt and it was fine. all was good.
    but over the course of this yr, hes been round our house til late nearly ever effing nite!
    Now, i can jus about deal with him bein here all the time. just about. those his stupid remarks and jokes drive me mad. and theres no way i can talk to mum about things that bother me when hes around. and hes alwaysa round, so i can like never find a moment to talk to mum.
    And then last nite was really the final straw.
    i had had two bited of a chocolate swiss roll thingy, and tea wasnt ready for another hour or so. mum looked up and said 'are you eating that now?!' kinda incredulously and i said 'well not all of it, a bit tho, im hungry.' and so then she went on to say 'it's no wonder uv got a weight probelm if you eat like that'
    I mean WTF?! wayy to boost ur daughters opinion of herself mom! not. god. and shes completely hypocritical. its not like she can speak. shes always pggin out on cans of pringles or cake. and she wirhgs mroe than me!
    so then my stepdad comes in and is like what? and my mom as she always does. told him what was goin on.
    and then, this man who is NOT my father, and enver will be, said 'yea, no crisps and no sweets for a month, stsarting next month'
    what the fuck right does he have to tell me what to do. is he my dad, i think not. nor do i want him to be! fucking asshole. so i jus went fuck u, thru gritted teeth.
    i feel like i have absolutely no control anymore! its like he's waltzed in here and taken over! how fuckin dare he!
    he's not even married to my mom. he has no control over me whatsoever! i hate hi,, and i hate mom for lettin him order me about! i mean come on ! what the fuck!
    oh, and then. my best friend had a huge rant at me, about wantin a tongue piercing, and blocked me,a nd now she wont talk to me. so iv lost a best friend, and bin forced to quit my band cos she's in it. and we're nto talkin, so that would be too awkward!
    ok, im done =]
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    I can totally understand what you're going through. When I was young my mother died, so my father went out with various women and had various relationships. Some women had kids, some moved in, and some lasted up to a year.

    I can fully understand how it is trying to talk to your parent, and have them not listen to you. I told my father on numerous occasions that his girlfriend was destroying the family, and me and my brothers hate her. He never listened, as long as he was happy.

    Terrible thing for your mother to say, about your weight. She probably has difficulty with hers, so she found an outlet to pour it out on. Don't listen to her, don't listen to the man she is with. Take a deep breathe, and understand that you are not only smarter than they are, you are better than they will ever be. I wasn't rude to my father, but I cut myself off from them. Yes or not answers, and nothing else. He never knew what I was thinking. And that made me, to some degree, invincible.

    You may not be able to do anything about your current situation, but you can fight. You can survive. Be strong, and never ever give in.
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    Thanks. its nice to know that someone is going or was goin thru the same thing i am now.
    I guess ur right about my mum using me as an outlet. and i hve no intention of listenin to my effing 'stepdad'. god he hacks me off!!! so i shall do as u said, rise above them and ignore them.
    Thanks for ur advice. and if u ever need to talk to anyone fyl free to PM me anytime :)
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    Thanks girly, same to you. :smile: