I cannot believe this!!

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  1. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    I'm seriously about to go crazy and smash everything to pieces. My house mate's stuff in particular.

    I cannot believe that someone I've been so close with for nearly a year, someone I confided in and trusted, turns out not to be who he's said to be. That's at least what it feels like.

    I spent so many hours worrying about M, I stayed up for hours to support him when he was feeling low, I did everything within my power for him.
    And now I hear all these things. And I do not know who he is anymore.

    He's lied about his job, he's lied about his money..
    He's behind on rent and got his final warning from the landlord (he has a 3 warnings and you're out system). And in the past I've been behind on rent for 9 months without a single warning, so I don't want to know how far he's behind.
    And that's all okay, none of my business, but what annoys me about it (to say the least) is that he's been buying a brand new TV, dvd player, new hard-drives for his computer, digital TV, dvds, games.. he's got like 4 phones and has a new number every week so it seems.

    He's always showing off how much money he has and saying all these things about how he's got his own company, and he co-owns a shop with his uncle, he's a DJ playing at big clubs, works at this computer company etc.
    Well recently I found out some of it was lied, and I've been having serious doubts about so many things.
    Another house mate had doubts about M working at this computer company so he did research, and turns out the guy doesn't work there and never has either.
    Also he's said to have his driving license to a few housemates, but then few weeks ago he told me he's thinking about getting driving lessons to get his driving license. He's told me he was going to move out a few times and everytime it turned out to be lies ("It was a joke").
    He's said how he spent over €100 on a present for someone, and next day I see it in the stores for €15 (something similar has happened a gazillion times already)
    He asks me what I think of his new earring and turns out they're fake.
    He says he's doing this IT education and he said he had 5 months off from school. Well that was nearly a year ago! still haven't seen him going back to school.

    All of those little things one doesn't get aggravated over normally, added up, has gotten me pissed off beyond .. explainable.

    I've considered him my best mate in the past and now I find out all these things.

    He's borrowed a house mate's psp and 'lost' it (but we all know he's probably sold it). And now I can't help but think he's involved all those times DVDs, CDs and games disappeared.

    He's the one in the house who is in charge if it comes to internet, cos he knows most about computers. But everytime internet is down he refuses to fix it, or only fixes it hours later, even though he's doing nothing but playing games in the mean time.
    And some house mates and I have been paying attention and turns out whenever he's gone for a few days internet works perfectly but for some reason everytime he comes home internet suddenly goes down.
    And whenever he notices that some people are playing WoW suddenly internet goes down, and then he says it's cos of WoW, whereas it all works fine, even if they're playing it, UNTIL he notices they are playing it and he goes to his room.
    And he blocked one of our house mate's boyfriend from our network, so he can't get online here with his laptop, only because he dislikes him. My housemate asked him about it, and he wouldn't unblock him, nor give her a reason for him blocking her boyfriend. I know he's had a crush on the girl and that's probably why he dislikes her boyfriend, but meh.
    M wrote a beautiful poem on a birthday card for her (the girl mentioned above), and bought a present for her (the one he's said he spent over 100 euros on, but turned out it was in stores for 15 :dry: ), but on her birthday he completely ignored her, didn't even give her a hand or congratulated her. Only because her boyfriend was there.

    All that had gotten me really angry, but what has hurt me most and has gotten me into the state I'm in now, is a lie I just discovered.
    He knows a lot about my past and considering my past I am so fucking hurt by this lie of his... He told our new house mate that he's in prostitution.

    screw the fucking arse hole! Our landlord is on holidays, but he'll be coming back this upcoming week and a bunch of my housemates is going to talk to the landlord, so we're almost certain that M will be kicked out, especially considering the fact that he's had his final warning already.
    We've talked about it (other house mates and I) and I'm pretty sure M has heard us talking about it, and now all of a sudden I haven't heard or seen anything of him for the past 4 days. All his stuff's still here, but I really am wondering if he's left. Gone with the wind.

    At this point I wouldn't be surprised if his name isn't his real name, especially considering how, when he was drunk, he told me he has another name back in the country where he was born.

    I don't think a person has ever hurt me this much.
    Never will I trust a person that much anymore. Never will I let anyone into my heart and mind as much anymore.

    I'm done hurting and being hurt. I'd rather live as a fucking hermit, having no friends at all than being hurt to this extend, ever again.
  2. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    For starters, the guy sounds like his on some massive power trip and stroking his own ego far too often. Im thinking he has a past thats very much playing a part in the present. I wouldnt be surprised if he has played a role in the missing electronics, it kinda fits with the MO.

    Im really sorry he has hurt you Est, but his not a genuine article, and he needs to come clean. I wonder about the disappearance all of a sudden, 4 days and not a word is a bit out of the ordinary. I hope he does turn up to explain himself.

    On a side note, I cant believe a landlord that lets rent slip for months at a time, be lucky if you got 2 months leniancy here, you're very lucky.
  3. patacake

    patacake Well-Known Member

    im sorry ish

    there is that horrible ache when u discover that u have been let down , hoodwinked in this and other ways especially when u put ur trust in someone that others alraeady critisized , i ve been there hun dont worry u will move on and trust again i hope , there are truly sincere people around honestly hun

    take care

    jo xx

    trouble.jo@hotmail.co.uk if u fancy a chat
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    There's some sleeze balls out there :dry:
    Sounds like one bounced into your house..BOUNCE him out!

  5. blue shoes

    blue shoes Well-Known Member

    That's awful Est. :sad: I'm sorry to hear that he has hurt you so much, I understand that you feel like you can't trust people anymore, but I do believe there are trustworthy people out there, who won't disappoint you, don't lose faith.
  6. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    This morning I ran into the damn prick. I was in a hurry for work though, and massively annoyed cos he was home and all of a sudden internet was down again. :dry: He goes all happy to see me "Hey!!" and then when I kind of seemed rather angry (I didn't even show 1% of the anger I felt towards him at that moment cos I had other things on my mind -first day to work the till at work- ) he was all "Hey what's wrong?" so I just said "nothing, I'm just aggravated."

    Before I was off to work I kindly asked him to fix the internet cos "I would like it if I could go on the internet when I get home from work"
    And I'm home, and he isn't and internet is still down. I'm on the neighbours network again. Which won't allow me on msn half the time and is slow as fuck.

    I feel like smashing something to pieces yet again. I want to hurt someone, and for wanting to do such horrible things, I feel bad. Cos I shouldn't want bad things to happen to others.
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