I cannot do tomorrow

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    I have a mock exam tomorrow as I have had in other subjects all week and I am too stressed so I'm just going to not go in and log it as "illness"

    I still haven't gotten any help so I have no, like, proof ? ... no legitimate reason I can present to my lecturer for mental health because no one knows and I would b to scared to use it as a reason anyway.

    I'm so fucking frustrated that I keep being lectured about not working hard enough etc etc when I CAN'T and I CAN'T explain why because I've been too scared to talk to anyone because I'm scared of my family thinking poorly of me. the fear of my family's' disapproval gives me such a claustrophobic feeling and it makes me hate myself that I can't just nut up and get help because I'm the only one who knows there's an issue (well, me and the internet I guess).

    I just, I can't tell my lecturer that I'm not going to be in because I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to cry and throw up and I wont b able to do a test when I feel like that.

    plus someone else in my class has anxiety, but theirs is with panic attacks and while he's sympathetic to her - she gets help for hers and I'm scared he would think I've seen how she is allowed to get away with certain things so am lying to get the same allowances.

    just generally too scared for that shit so I'm going to stay home, I just have to find a way to explain to my mum why I didn't go in.
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    Go to the school councilor or the doctor there and just get some help enough procrastinating There is help for you but YOU have to reach out for it. Get your mother to talk for you if you cannot get someone you trust to go with you but doing nothing will not help you
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    I know it's true, there's no use trying to pretend anymore-

    I'm no good at speaking to people so I'm talking to a friend I trust to go with me and I'll probably write a list of things I want to bring up. I can't trust my mother with this but my friend will support me.

    thanks for the reply, take care x