I cannot let her go :(

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I have a gf... she is not from my country but lives aboard.. we have difficulties, I do not want tell whole story. But main thing is, that I cannot let her go. She is my everything, I love her so much, but seems she is slipping away from me. I did so many things, why it cannot be way that things just were normal again. I miss her so damn much, I cannot get her out of my mind. It makes me crazy, the more if I loose her. I think with killing myself will be a real option. I cannot stand this. I want to forget her, but I cannot, she stays in my mind and I love her so much... why... I wish there was a delete button. I hate this, it really influense my life. I do not want to loose her really. Then really over for me, it really feels that way.... :(


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I mean, I will say beforehand that I think I was in the same boat at one point, although not internationally, with a girl who lived in a different state than I. I was very depressed at the time and was sure that if I lost her, I would never recover, but I did end up losing her, and it still spikes my wish to die fairly often. Long-distance relationships are very difficult because of the inherent limitations. But, yeah, so, you fear losing her, but why do you feel that way? Has she shown little interest in your relationship?


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You can get through this..
It's hard. It will be. It could take months. It could take years. 2, terrible, long years.. for a random example.

But eventually, you learn how to cope. You begin to notice that they don't mean as much anymore. You simply don't care. It's not hate, it's apathy. That's the key.

And yes. Your heart probably feels ripped open. It's broken; shattered on the unforgiving ground. And every time you fall again, you break the glass pieces even more, cutting open your flesh and making it even harder to get up. But the wounds heal. The scars become a memory. A memory that you will always keep, but its importance will fade. Promise. Find those who really care about you. Never push them away; embrace the fact that they are trying to help. Find happiness in what you can do yourself. You need to love yourself to allow someone else to love you, too.

And eventually, your heart will find its way back to whole again. <3
Hang in there. Please.
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