i cann't live like this, my need to

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have a sort of justification eating me alive, i want to believe that one day i am going to have a famiy, love and being loved but i cann't.........all my anger that i cann't fit to every stereotype of 'making it' in life,not being a looser, standing on my feet' is killing me day after day.I am so embarashed that i am not as strong as others, that i am not like others, the achievers,the ones that nothing stops them from achieving their dreams.My social obligation to be like them when i cann't,when i feel that i am totally unimportant to everyone who just keep mentioning them to make me feel that if i were like that, i would be something important?Is somebody important regardless or does somebody have to make important acts/works to be considered important? I try to fool myself and i tried to fool myself in the past that by doing some acts of social value like going to college,being fit and pretty,etc. i was at least not a rubbish but nothing has filled my heart's emptyness.
you are important just by the fact you are you. do not try to compare yourself to others because no one is the same everyone is important in different ways pm me if you wnt to chat more

charlotte xxxx
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