i cant anymore

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  1. -marshalartist-

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    i hate my life,i cant take it anymore i will end my life in saturday:sad:
  2. RunningAway

    RunningAway Well-Known Member

    Hello :)

    Welcome to SF. I am glad that you found us. What has happened to make you feel so bad? :hug:

    There are ways to get through things without suicide. Talking to people here is a good first step :)

  3. generic0x1

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    Hey! My name is Kate. I am interested in you! I just signed up for this website literally 3 minutes or so ago, and I was browsing through, you're the first person I'm contacting. Your icon is what caught my eye, the one that says 'I try to hold it all inside'. Feels like too much sometimes huh? Holding it all in and no one cares, or so it seems. Like you can't talk to anyone about it, whatever 'it' may be. I just want to let you know IT WILL GET BETTER. At 16, questioning authority happens a lot, questioning life happens a lot. The 'why am i here? what is my purpose? is there a god? if there is, why isn't he helping me? why doesnt my family seem like they care about me, and even if they do seem like they care, cant they see that im dying inside?! why are people the way they are? why this.. why that?' etc. I could go on and on. Life is just life! You must face life on life's terms and Live In The Solution, Not The Problem. The Solution is NOT suicide. You must ask yourself, 'What is my MAIN problem? What is troubling me? Now that I know what it is that is bothering me the most, I need to make a long-term goal/solution for that problem. The little things need fixed, too. So what are the little things? I need to live in the solution to fix those things, so how can I do that?' Plain and simple, just work on SOLVING the problems. Whether they be big or small. It might seem like a lot, for I do not know your problems. Can we talk about them? I'm completely all ears and here to listen. I will check my inbox on here daily to see if you replied. Hey, I'm just an everyday schmoe like everyone else, I'm just more attuned and willing to listen/help. I just so happened to stumble across your post and wanted to share what I thought.

    Reply if you'd like to, I eagerly await your response!

    Until then, TAKE CARE!
    -Katie from Michigan-
  4. HippieHugsx3

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    Don't give up.
    Someone loves you.
    That someone is me. ♥
  5. IV2010

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    don't go so soon...
    stay and give us a chance to help and get to know you..
    so many of us can relate to how you feel...

    want to tell us why you feel like this?
  6. Joey's sister

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    Please, please, please don't do this. I lost my brother in June and it is the biggest tragedy and sorrowful thing to hit this planet. Please, seek help from a friend, neighbor, even your post man...just do not take your life. Things can change. <3