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I can't be alone

Were all together

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What's happening is your mind is running at a thousand miles a second right now. You need to slow it down. Nothing is gonna change your situation in a second. It's going to take time and commitment from YOU. There are Alot of people here, who listen & will talk with you. Plus, you have a chat option. Only you have the option to change, no one else here can do it for you. You have to give them a chance.


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Hey, I know we've talked briefly a while ago but I want to welcome you and let you know that a lot of people come here feeling the way you do and talking helps, it lets it out of your system, peer to peer support is a great tool, make the most of it.


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Hi @Tina Kelly welcome to the forum you will never be alone here many of us here have open ears and minds so we will always be by your side forever. Anytime you want to send one of us a PM or talk in chat we will do our best to listen and talk *hug

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