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I can't be like them

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I wish I could apologize to everyone in my dorm floor. I would but it might be a little awkward and I would probably start crying or something like that. I would say I'm sorry I can't be normal. I was never normal and I might not ever be. At least it feels that way. They are all social experts. They know what to do and what to say to be funny and make other people laugh. I suck at socializing. I have a horrible personality. I try but I missed out on a lot of experience becoming a fun and interesting person because I have never been good at becoming friends with people. Maybe I can't change who I am. They must all think I am a "loser" or a "freak."


The biggest loser ever to live.
Uh huh same here, total social retard, a loser and a freak here. Whats why I lived in an apartment my first year with just one roommate and made no contact with him and now live at home.

I know your not the only one. It seems to me in a dorm, that some will make friends with everyone there and some will be very quiet and keep to themselves and everyone else will wonder about that person, why he/she is so strange?

I know how it must feel to be so different from all of them. I also can't be like them as well, I have to be the biggest loser at my whole university, all I can say is that your not alone and I at least can really relate to you, but so can many others, maybe they are on this forum as well, maybe not, but your FAR from alone, even though it really feels like it.

Problem is, the people like you and I are also very quiet and non socializing and so we can't mix with them. We "social rejects" should try to get together ourselves since we're so different from these normies.

Its really frustrating isn't it? They can socialize and joke and laugh and make a dozen friends blindfolded whilst just talking to someone else in the dorm is such a struggle.


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I am trying to be friends with them. It is so hard because I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. But if I didn't try the only other option would be to kill myself. I am also trying to tell myself that life is worth living. Sometimes I think I am putting in all this effort for no reward.
I know how you feel :( You see other people who can just effortlessly walk up to someone and start talking to them and you just think, God, I wish I could be like that...I'm living at home like nkr, and I'm very glad of that, because I don't think I could live with all those other people :(


I used to be a person who made more eye contact with the ground then at another human.But the ground got awfully boring to look at so i started to make eye contact with others.Just the eye contact itself gave me enough courage to start talking to others.For one day just make eye contact with people in your dorm.Avoid looking at the ground for as long as possible.This will show yourself and others that you are a confident person.
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