i cant believe he is leaving.

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    so today was not good.
    the principel had annonced after chapel that 2 teachers were leaving our school. and he said one of them was the choir teacher.

    immediately i flipped out. he is my favorite teacher. i thought he was joking,so i was sitting and waiting for the punchline,but there wasnt one.and i know i shouldnt worry about it cause im a senior and im graduating anyway,but im so upset.

    i never got to bond with him like i wanted. i never got the chance.and i told him today, i said "mr.goede,i regret not talking to you earlier. if i knew this was going to happen four years ago, i would've talked to you sooner than my senior year. i've always wanted what you and the students that you work with more have and that is the nice calm bond between a teacher and a student. i never got that with any. i feel so sad,angry,and happy. im sad you're leaving,im angry at myself,but im happy you're going to pursue your dream. you have so much talent and capiblity on doing what you're going to do. i wish i only could have more time,and i wish this wasnt the end of the road. you have become so many students mentors and their friend and you have made a big impact on kids here at this highschool,if you can do that with 400 students,you can make an impact on anyone."

    he hugged me and we cried. it was so sad. i am still crying about it. and i told him,how everyone always told me to talk to you,if i ever had a problem,but i never did. and he told me to come to him whenever i needed him. and so,i guess i will see him tomorrow,but i feel so bad. i cant believe he is leaving,and not like hes just going to a different school in wisconsin,he is permenately leaving the state. i know i will never see him again. I told him I know God will be with him every step of the way and that he's going to do well.

    *crys* *sighs*
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    It is sad to loose a person that has had an impact in your life. But you can be happy for the time you had together, and the memories you will hold for the rest of your life. And the up side to all this is that, had you not heard he was leaving, you may never of found the opportunity to share the conversation you did today with him. It helped create a special teacher/student bond that you will cherish for the rest of your years. And who knows where your paths may lead. Some day you may find one another again and have a great deal to talk about and share.