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I can't believe I'm back to posting on here. :[

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by whoaaxxsamm, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. whoaaxxsamm

    whoaaxxsamm Well-Known Member

    I'm going crazy.
    I'm trying so hard just to make it to the next day.
    I have no one to talk to.
    I don't want to chase people away.
    No one really wants to listen and help.
    They think that if my mind is set there is nothing they can do about it.
    So what, just let me die?
    Am I that unimportant to the world?
    I just need someone to love me.
    I just need someone to be there for me.
    I just need some sincere support.
    I cry every night.
    I sometimes have such intense panic attacks that I fall to the ground.
    I hyperventilate so much, that I nearly pass out.
    My body hurts so much, but not a pain I can explain.
    It literally feels like my heart hurts, along with the rest of my insides.
    I feel so weak.
    I don't know what to do anymore.
    I don't want to die. I just wish I was never born.
    I don't want to live my life like this anymore.
    I just don't see a way out.
    I can't even make sense of it all right now.
    Every time I fall in love, my heart gets ripped out, and stepped on.
    I'm surprised it's still beating.
    I'm always alone.
    I suppose in the end, it's really my fault that I'm in this situation.
    I'm just so scared.
    I can't stand living in constant pain anymore.
  2. Juliaa

    Juliaa Well-Known Member

    I know exactly how you feel. And I'm so sorry you feel this way right now.
    It hurts so bad, but good things will come soon.

    People here will always talk to you, and we definitely want to help.
  3. ~Young-Violet~

    ~Young-Violet~ Banned Member

    Hello Samantha :hug:,
    How are you? sorry to hear you are feeling so low today. Your not going crazy, it's the feeling of lonliness and regret lodes of people feel like that. We on Suicide Forum care, we would hate to see you hurt, you couldd always talk to us about the more seriouse stuff, how does that sound?

    Relationships can be a tricky thing to cope with, but you need to stay strong, keep yourself together you are so much stronger than you think you are *hugtackles*

    I do hope your pain goes away, I know how you feel, even though you think it will never go away theres always ssomeway that it will. Please look after yourself and talk to us ok? Thinking about you :hug:
  4. MikeAllen1973

    MikeAllen1973 Member

    Sorry to hear thats how things are for the moment.
    As has been said before, there are always people on this site who will listen.
    Take care x
  5. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    welcome back. sorry things are so bad at the moment. i'm happy to listen if you want to keep sharing...
  6. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    Sam, hey
    longtime no speak!!!
    will speak to you soon, hope your sister is ok
    Thinking about you x x
  7. whoaaxxsamm

    whoaaxxsamm Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone.
    It's little things like this that mean the most.
    I really do appreciate it.
  8. Cute_Angel_Xx

    Cute_Angel_Xx Account Closed

    You feeling better?
  9. whoaaxxsamm

    whoaaxxsamm Well-Known Member

    Not really, but hopefully I will be eventually.
  10. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Welcome back Sam. Sorry to hear that you're hurting so much and having severe panic attacks. I'm sure that you'll find someone to love you eventually. Love hurts sometimes. Just don't give up. Hope you have a safe and happy new year. :hug:
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