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i can't believe it!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by taranama, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. taranama

    taranama Well-Known Member

    so we all went out last thursday night, me and 6 others.. 5 guys and 2 girls basically. the other girl's a friend of a friend, but since we're lovely people we asked her to come with us.

    one of the guys, enda, who i'm very good friends with, i love him to bits, he's a great, respectable, funny, intelligent friend...FRIEND..., broke up with his gf of almost 2 years about a week and a half ago, just before valentines, he, like a twat went to her on valentines to give her presents. *yes, even though they're broke up* and thats when he heard she'd completely moved on and is kissing another guy outside at the moment..come back later like a good man...

    so everyone's gettin merrily drunk in my house before we go to the nightclub, which is great, everyone's havin a great time, then enda decides it'd be hilarious if he started to pull on my top and try to grope my boobs, now....they're not small boobs, and it takes a lot to keep them under control at the best of times, so as you can tell, this new interference with their containment didn't work out too well on the old dignity factor for me... i told him to get a life and leave me alone, i'm not there for his amusement. the guy i'm kinda foolin around with, who's also my best friend is chattin away to other people over there. which is fine..don't think i'd want him to see what our friend is doing anyway..it'll only embarrass enda....

    so thats fine, we have a few more *with the exception of enda who's had the guts of a bottle of jack daniels...at this stage, he's well hammered..* and head to the club. he gets progressively drunker and more and more inappropriate still trying to pull at my top and get a cop of the girls... WHILE!! my good mate joe is stood right next to me... "joe!" i screamed... "get this wankhead off me!!" joe proceeds to pull enda off me... and sends him off on his merry way... by this stage i'm well angry with enda.. can't believe he's acting like this... he's....he's enda for gods sake!!

    so enda collapses outside the nightclub, and it takes everything me and joe have to get him up and home.. after a lot of crying, screams of either "you all hate me and i don't blame you"...or..."i love you guys so much" and tears...we finally get this twat into a cab and back home. so i'm there making tea for joe..(what can i say? its like foreplay :wink: ) enda comes up to me in the kitchen and puts his arms around me, and tries to kiss me. "thats it!!" i scream inside my head, "i can't ever look at this guy in the same light...!!" i push enda off me and give joe his tea...

    the next day, as we usually do, all, (except for the other girl,) head to the chippie for mid afternoon breakfast..(mmmm...) enda's going to pick up his car with an incredibly pleasent tone in his voice says quietly "i'm going to get those boobies..." i completely brush this off.. "eh....yeah ok enda...."

    we're all walking down to joe's house now, "joe, old chap? can i have a quick word?" i says in my lovely tone... (ok, maybe without the "old chap", but i'm tring to make light of the situation, cos if i don't i'll so lose the will to live...) "since you're getting a lift with enda later, will you politely mention to him that i'm actually not public property ripe to be had by all? cheers.." joe obviously agrees. cos i think he may have been slightly disappointed in enda's actions of the previous night also..maybe? hmmmm... well.. not exactly... enda seemingly denies any recollection of anything that happened.. "oh but enda!" exclaims joe.."what about what you said in the chippie earlier today?" enda says "oh, well i suppose i may tone it down a little bit.." THEN!! that night i receive a text message from enda "sorry about my inappropriate behavior, i was drunk..."

    now this is where me and joe are of different opinions on the subject. i think that an apology for almost publicly bearing my assets should be given face to face..where as joe is of the opinion..."at least he apologized.." HA!! thats not an apology!! thats a joke!

    i have lost all respect i ever had for enda when he acted the way he did, then must have somehow justified it to joe, who, like a sap, got dragged right in there. now i'm not going down to joe's house because enda is staying up, and i'd rather not talk to him tonight.

    am i over reacting?? should i just accept the text message "i was drunk therefore all should be forgiven" apology/excuse, or should i demand an explanation?! please! any advise will be so very appreciated..

    if you're reading this bit then you made it to the end!! cheers!
  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    by no means is "oh shit sorry i was drunk" an excuse. Learn to hold your liquor ffs, you know? Yeah he said he was sorry but if he meant it I'd expect it in person too. I don't htink you overreacted. Drunk or not drunk, he should not be groping you, touching you inapprorpiately or otherwise. I would have grabbed his crotch and squeezed as hard as I could and said "how do you like being manhandled!!"

    Don't let this guy just go off the hook. Make sure he knows you are pissed and he is wrong. Seriously, I'm sorry you had to tolerate such an overbearing jackass. :hug:
  3. That's bad. I agree with Kanani in that he was totally and completely out of order to even think of doing something like that... but...

    Ok I'm a guy so I'm likely to be slightly biased I know. Now if I'd done something like that I'd... well I dunno what I'd do... I like to think I'd never get drunk enough to do so, let alone think it's acceptable to suddenly hit on one of my friends... ANYWAY... as I was saying.... He's a guy, and if he's like me at all then he probably finds it really hard to apologise. Especially for something as bad as that :sad: So firstly sending that text was a big step, and even though it was cowardly it was something. Face-to-face would be better? Well you also said you didn't particularly feel like seeing him... in which case how was he supposed to apologise face-to-face... Sorry, that sounds mean but I guess what I'm saying is if you value his friendship, then go talk to him or something. Give him a chance to apologise properly. And if he's half as good as you say he is then you might be surprised :smile:
  4. taranama

    taranama Well-Known Member

    lol...you're right about not seeing him i suppose...but thanks, its goo to get a guy's point of view :wink:
  5. Bigman2232

    Bigman2232 Well-Known Member

    I just want to chime in with the fact that being drunk is never an excuse. In fact it should be seen as more truthful than being sober. When someone is drunk they usually say and do exactly what they are thinking. This may not always be the complete truth but it is usually part of it.

    The guy definitely needs to apologize face to face but he may be too scared to do it. You sound like a pretty strong girl and you may have to be the stronger one still and actually initiate the contact. If he knows what is good for him, he'll apologize again.