I cant believe it

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  1. Juliet

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    I can't believe he's gone!!!!!!! : ( Im so sad. Theres nothing I can do to help and all i want to do is take the pain away.

    It was 10 months ago. I just cant believe he did it. I watch his brother in pain everyday with his grief and I just cant believe that beautiful bright funny outgoing much loved boy took his own life!! Its so unbareable. Everything seems really pointless if pain turns to so much suffering you want to kill yourself.
    Oh David why?
    My lovely friend will never be the same again. His smile will never have the same feeling and Im so so so sad for it all.
    I just cry all the time because I cant help anyone. Davids not coming back and this is never going to end.
    : (
  2. total eclipse

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    I am so sorry for your loss i know i cannot take away the pain I lost my bro last October and want him back so much. I have been told the pain lessens I don't know Just know he would not want you sad he would want you to move through this pain and get on with your life I hope your pain lessons each day and more happy memories stay with you of him take care
  3. coffee

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    I am so sorry too...:sad: