I can't believe the crap some people spew

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    When I tell people that there are no benefits to feeling like an outcast, responses like "that's BS, some of the greatest poets and artists were lonely outcasts" come up. Who were these lonely outcasts? Kurt Cobain? His ability to pin lyrics couldn't stop him from feeling depressed. This may be an inappropriate analogy, but wishing you were as capable as other people of finding a sense of belonging but powerless to find one is as bad as having a terminal illness, wishing there were ways to make the disease disappear, and knowing that you wouldn't be as healthy as others. I know comparing yourself to other people is unhealthy as depression goes, but it's unavoidable in social situations. I think with people with devastating illnesses, it is unavoidable to avoid comparing yourself to healthy people since there may be family members that don't live with the illness. It sucks watching people achieve things you like to achieve but can't yourself. There is nothing beneficial about that.
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    It is hard to see this when you are depressed dubby, depression makes one want to isolate. And if thats all you know, trying to convince yourself that is okay is the easiest way to deal with it.... yes its not the best way, nor the wisest way, but sometimes its the only way people can think of on their own to cope with it, our job is to try to help them find another way :hug:
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    Why are you so upset? You have life. You are not physically disable. There are people here on SF that does not look down on you despite your "issues". No one here is laughing at you.

    I think that your issue is "your issue". That is to say you are too obsess with it. Why not concentrate on what you are good at.

    Learn to let go. Let go of everything. It's all an illusion. The thing that is driving you mad is your desires. They are not good for you. I think you need to know that you have let your desires take over your thinking and this is causing you a lot of emotional pain. You want the things that you cannot get that is why you are in so much pain.