I can't cope. They keep picking on me. I've had enough.

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    I'd attempt suicide but I'm afraid I might die,
    I'd attempt suicide but I'm afraid I might survive,
    I'd attempt suicide but instead I'll just cry,
    I'd attempt suicide in the middle of the night.

    Could I do that to my family?
    That's just cruel.
    They're not the ones who have put me through this night-marish hell.

    I used to ponder,
    on what there was that I could do,
    until recently when 'suicide' popped into my head.

    Maybe I could just pick up a gun and shoot all those people,
    who put me through,
    this night-marish hell.

    But hell, what would that accomplish?
    Me having to explain?
    Figure it out, Einstein, before I shoot my self in the brain.

    Lock me away?
    More like take my soul away.
    I'll save you the trouble,
    and do it myself, today.

    I could try to drown out my sorrows,
    by taking drugs,
    sipping booze,
    but at the end of the day,
    that's just killing myself anyway.

    I love you, my family.
    Do not blame yourselves.
    But blame those ass-holes next-door...​
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    Im here if you need to talk :hug: