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I can't cry

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My adopted parents gave me up last year, they got pregnant and didn't need me anymore. I was to much problems. Their little girl is perfect, so they have the right. I understand why they got rid of me.

But it still hurts. And when it hurts so bad I can't take it, I cut. The support group I am in keeps telling me I just need to cry, but for some reason no matter how hard I try to, I can't cry. The tears will not come out. Only through sutting to I feel like I realeasing the hurt, and tonly then can I give myself what I deserve for ruining the relationship by doing things wrong.

How do I cry?

Lost Disciple

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I guess I couldn't advise you. I went [almost] five years without crying, even though people told me that I needed to cry, too, and finally one day it all got to be to much, I had a panic attack, I ran away, and then when I was talking to my mom on the phone, I started to cry.

It just happens.
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