I cant cry

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    I have just found while watching a great and sad film that i cant cry, i mean really proper cry, sure i had some tears and the sniffles but i feel that i want to really cry hard, i feel tearsome most of the time,
    but i dunno, i feel afraid of what it mite do to me,
    i have cried allot in the past mainly during the past few years of my depression, i have cried to the brink of hysterical self destruction, i dunno if im afraid of getting to that point again if i cry,
    crying is related to feeling really sad, and im constantly trying to avoid being sad. I dont know why i wrote this other than just wanting to air the fact that i want to cry but im afraid to
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    But a good cry lets you get so many things out. Maybe try and cry with someone you trust. Someone that wont let you get to the point of hysteria. Dont be afraid to cry, everyone needs a good one every now and then.