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I can't do anything right


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I can't do it, I can' do anything...
I'm scared? or something, idk.
I swear I tried, but I can't seem to put any order on words and I'm unable to find a way to make any sense out of it and I feel so dumb and stupid and useless.
But I can't back down now, is too late and I have to take responsability.
Right now is better if I do whatever as long I do something, but the moment I start thinking is not good enough I can't keep going and get overhelmed.
I'm such an idiot, but Idk how to help myself to stop feeling this way and just doing it...
Now I'm wasting my time crying like a dumbass.
I'm such a dissapointement and everything I do is a failure. I'm such a failure...


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Has there ever been a time you felt you couldn't do something but you succeeded at it anyway? If so, what do you think helped you do that? If not, what do you think it would take to do something?

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