i cant do it anymore

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Smashed-Up-Sanity, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Smashed-Up-Sanity

    Smashed-Up-Sanity Well-Known Member

    :sad: and now i have no way of lettin it out!! except hitting things which dosnt really hurt and i only dammage things that are hard, and i break them!!!
    my mum went through my room and took all my SH stuff out! i am REALLY pissed off! and it feels like i need it back. i am tryign to hold back... but i REALLY want it back...
  2. kindtosnails

    kindtosnails Staff Alumni

    OK I think what your mum did was wrong because its not really going to help you, but anyway not wanting to encourage SH, and i dont know you and whether you are able to stop, so anyway getting to the point..you said you now have no way of letting it out..i understand it may feel like that but maybe you could try some things to try and replace it, in a more healthy way..just some ideas:

    keeping a journal..writing out how you're feeling
    scribbling on paper
    writing poetry/lyrics or generally expressing yourself
    hitting pillows ( idunno but some people do this)
    some people draw on themselves where they want to cut but that can be a trigger..so be careful
    listening to loud music?

    there's obviously distractions too...see big list here..http://advocacyforyou.co.uk/55.htm

    but yeah best thing i can reccommend is writing out how you're feeling, could just be emotions, could be why, or you could even write a letter to someone who's affected you..and then you can do what you want with it, put it in a journal, post it, tear it up, throw it away, burn it..obviously everyones different. Maybe you'll find something that works for you and you won't feel like you need the stuff back anymore.

    And while I think what your mum did was wrong, she obviously does care about you to do it so try not to be too angry, she's trying to help the best way she knows how.

    take care:smile:
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